domain name, WSIS & governance news - 4 July

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 4 July

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 22:12:24 +1000 (EST)
Check out for
the latest domain news. By close of business on 7
July, a more recent edition of the news will normally
be posted to the auDA web site.

The domain name news is supported by auDA.


au: Melbourne Wins Commonwealth Games Domain (from
The host city corporation for the 2006 Commonwealth
Games prevailed in its UDRP case against the
Australian registrant of the domain names,,, and in
a WIPO decision released this morning. The registrant
had offered to lease the domain names to the State of
Victoria, Australia for 49,000 AUD during the 14
months surrounding the Commonwealth Games Melbourne
2006 Commonwealth Games Corporation v. B & M Group of
Companies Pty Ltd, WIPO Case D2005-0366 (June 16,

auDA releases second draft Registry Technical
Specification for comment
On 30 June 2006 the current Registry Licence Agreement
expires. In the coming months auDA will launch the
process for appointing a Registry Operator for a new 4
year term.

tl: Timor-Leste NIC Media Release (news release)
Timor-Leste (East Timor), the youngest sovereign
state, joins the online community of nations with the
formal launch of the .tl. “ccTLD”. The East Timor
Department of Information Technology will begin
accepting applications to register internet names
which end in the suffix .tl from 12 PM on 23/05/2005.

APTLD: General Manager vacancy
At the APTLD meeting in Kyoto in February 2005, APTLD
Members expressed an intention to employ a General
Manager/Executive Director, to ensure APTLD policy
positions are developed and documented, lead the
secretariat staff, develop the Association and provide
stronger outreach services than the Secretariat has
been expected to provide. This paper outlines some
components of the process of employing a General
Manager for Members’ consideration at APTLD’s
Singapore meeting.

Net Pioneer Wants New Internet 
One of the fathers of the internet wants to be a daddy
again. David Clark, who led the development of the
internet in the 1970s, is working with the National
Science Foundation on a plan for a whole new
infrastructure to replace today's global network.,1377,68004,00.html

Netcraft July 2005 Web Server Survey
In the July 2005 survey we received responses from
67,571,581 sites. The gain of 2.76 million hostnames
from June is the second-largest monthly increase in
the history of our survey, as 2005 continues to shape
up as a historic year for Internet growth. The only
larger gain was a 3.3 million hostname increase in
March 2003, which ended months of stagnation and
kicked off 30 consecutive months of positive growth
for the Web.

Volvo parts seller can use Volvo domain name
Volvo has lost an attempt to recover the domain name from a spare parts
dealer, with an arbitration panellist saying that
unauthorised dealers can enjoy the same rights to a
trade mark as authorised dealers.

in: Sushmita to sue domain squatter
Sushmita Sen may have ruled the universe but her writ
obviously does not run in cyberspace. The former Ms
Universe is set to take a Canada-based man to court
for having squatted on the domain name

us: Sanofi-Aventis sued over Web site threat
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sued
Sanofi-Aventis Group because the French pharmaceutical
giant threatened a medical news Web site that reports
on one of its drugs.

uk: Wanadoo UK domain 'suspended'
There are red faces at Wanadoo UK - France Telecom's
UK ISP which will be renamed Orange from next year -
after one of its business domains was "temporarily"
suspended yesterday afternoon.

us: Feds slacking in shift to next-generation IPv6
The federal government is hoping to shift all of its
computers to run on the next-generation Internet by
2008, but so far only the Defense Department seems to
be ready for the switch.

IETF Publishes RFCs on SPF and Sender ID
A recent press release from the Internet Society
reports that the IETF will shortly publish
specifications of SPF and Sender-ID in the RFC series.
What does this mean for the future? ...More than 4000
documents have been published in the RFC series since
the first RFC in 1969, relatively few of which have
evolved into Internet standards. Each RFC is
characterized when published as standards-track, best
current practice, informational, experimental, or
historical. These four RFCs, three describing Sender
ID and one describing SPF, are all experimental.

Putting Multiple Root Nameserver Issue to Rest
I am often asked what I think of multiple root
nameserver systems -- sort of like the Public-Root or
the Open Root Server Confederation (ORSC) pushed by
others in the past years. Whenever some well meaning
person asks me for multiple roots in DNS, I answer:
"DNS is a distributed, coherent, autonomous,
hierarchical database. It is defined to have a single
root, and every one of the hundreds of millions of
DNS-speaking devices worldwide has the single-root
design assumptions built into it. It would
theoretically be possible to design a new system that
looked superficially.

jp: Total Number of JP Domain Name Registration
Reaches 700,000
On June 1, 2005, JPRS announced the accumulated total
of registered JP domain name as of June 1, 2005
exceeded 700,000, reaching 724,233. As a result, .JP
has got a No.1 ranking among all ccTLDs in Asia, and
7th among the 248 ccTLDs worldwide.

jp: Translation of "JP Domain Name Registry Report
2004" Posted
JPRS posted English translation of "JP Domain Name
Registry Report 2004." This is an annual report for
2004, briefing JPRS's activities carried out in the
year in relation to its management and administration
of .JP top-level domain.

eu: Beware of unauthorised pre-registrations
Beware of  .eu pre-registration sites from
non-accredited registrars and of registrars "pooling"
their pre-registrations with others to auction to the
highest bidder those names where multiple applications
are received.

eu: EURid Seminar on .eu at the ICANN Meeting, 12 July
EURid is the body chosen by the European Commission to
operate the new .eu registry.  We aim to launch .eu
with the sunrise period commencing in the forth
quarter of 2005.

GNSO Final Report on Registry Services Issue
Procedure for use by ICANN in considering requests for
consent and related contractual amendments to allow
changes in the architecture or operation of a gTLD

Join ICANN At-Large in Luxembourg
ICANN's Interim At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC)
invites all interested individuals to join the ICANN
community in Luxembourg City, 10-15 July 2005, and
participate in several meetings and fora on issues
that affect the Internet's end-users. Events of
special interest to the At-Large community have been
scheduled on Sunday, 10 July, including:

Consultation on the July 2006 - June 2010 ICANN
Strategic Plan
Consultation for the development of the July 2006 -
June 2010 strategic plan will take place at the ICANN
meeting in Luxembourg. Early in the meeting there will
be a general session that picks up, summarizes and
updates issues started with the present draft
strategic plan, the Mar del Plata meeting, and the
questions that will form the basis for discussion
during the workshops described below. This session
will include panellists from Supporting Organizations
and other constituencies and will be led by members of
the Board.


ALAC Comments on Privacy of Personal Data in the Whois
The At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) recommended
changes to improve notification and consent for the
use of individuals’ contact data in the WHOIS system.
Responding to a report issued by the Generic Names
Supporting Organization’s (GNSO’s) “WHOIS task
forces,” the ALAC suggested ways of making the
proposed WHOIS policy more clear, enhancing
registrants’ experience, and strengthening mandatory
disclosure on how individuals’ information will be
used. The ALAC urges interested individuals to review
the task forces’ report, and share their views.

New Instance of RIPE NCC Operated K-root Server
Deployed in Brisbane, Australia
The RIPE NCC (Réseaux IP Européens Network
Coordination Centre) in partnership with APNIC (The
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) has deployed
a new local node instance of the K-root Internet root
name server at PIPE Networks Exchange in Brisbane,

Final Deadline - 2005 RIPE NCC Membership Survey
The deadline for completing the 2005 RIPE NCC
Membership Survey is Friday, 8 July 2005. If you have
not sent us your input yet, please take the time to do
this. Your contribution to this survey is important to
us. By filling in the 2005 RIPE NCC Membership Survey,
you can influence the future direction and services of

Latest RIS Remote Route Collectors Online at PAIX,
Palo Alto, California and MSK-IX, Moscow, Russia
We are pleased to announce that we have relocated the
Routing Information Service (RIS) Project's second
North American Remote Route Collector at PAIX, Palo
Alto in California. We are now ready to peer with PAIX
members. We would like to thank Paul Vixie and his
colleagues at ISC for their help.

ITU-T Workshop on IPv6 Presentations Available
ITU-T has recently hosted a workshop on IPv6 organized
in cooperation with the European Union’s IPv6 Task
Force Steering Committee (IPv6 EU TF-SC) and the IPv6
Forum. The event, held in Geneva, between 22 to 23
June 2005, examined the current status of IPv6, with
regards to rollout, policy, technology and
applications. An additional aim was to promote
awareness of IPv6 to countries where Internet use is
relatively low. The agenda and presentations have been
made available on the event web site.

Communiqué of the 26th CENTR General Assembly
CENTR, the Council of European National Top Level
Domain Registries, welcomed over 60 participants to
its twenty-sixth General Assembly in Trondheim,
Norway. The meeting, which took place on 16-17 June
2005, held discussions on Internet governance and
other topical matters between the managers of 44 top
level domains.

.tel Coming Soon
GeorgeK writes "ICANN hasn't posted it on their
website yet, but according to one of their board
members, the .tel top-level domain was approved." is going to be one of the first domains

One step backwards: From Multi-Stakeholder
Partnerships to Public-Private Ones
The WSIS Thematic Meeting announced on the ITU web
site as "Government of Germany - International Policy
Dialogue: 'Mainstreaming ICT for Development: the Key
Role of the Private Sector'," drew about 50
participants to Berlin on 21 and 22 June. It departed
decisively from the WSIS framework of
multi-stakeholderism and focused on public-private
partnerships (PPPs). Civil society participants were
allowed to attend, but their interest in this two-day
event seemed next to non-existent. They did not miss
much, except good food and very interesting
conversations during the breaks.

Discussions on Implementation and Follow-Up After WSIS
Discussions on how to proceed after the second WSIS
summit in November are getting more urgent. There is a
danger of this question to be lost due to the
dominance of financing and internet governance
negotiations in the second phase of WSIS. A recent
meeting of the “Group of the Friends of the Chair”
(GFC) in Geneva tried to bring some clarity, but a
consensus is still far away. Meanwhile, civil society
groups are lamenting the fact that they will be locked
of the next GFC meetings.

Presentations at EC NGN Policy and Regulatory Workshop
The European Commission recently hosted an Open
Workshop on Identifying Policy and Regulatory Issues
of Next Generation Networks on the 22 June 2005. The
presentations made at the workshop can be found here.

WSIS Thematic Meeting on Cybersecurity: National
Policies and Legislative Approaches to Spam
Yesterday, at the ITU WSIS Thematic Meeting on
Cybersecurity, during the day focused on spam, a
session was dedicated to discussing national policies
and legislative approaches to spam. As part of this
session, a Background Paper commissioned by ITU,
entitled A Comparative Analysis of Spam Laws: the
Quest for Model Law, was presented (presentation) by
Derek BAMBAUER, Research Fellow, Berkman Center for
Internet & Society.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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