RE: [DNS] Whois & Spam

RE: [DNS] Whois & Spam

From: Bill Rogers <ansearchwatch§>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 02:59:29 +0100 (BST)

> Bill, yes they could do this. But the Whois policy
> would need to change for
> AusReg to make this available. AusReg can only
> implement the policy provided
> to them.
> Technically, what you suggest is obviously possible.
> But if AusReg did this,
> they would be in contravention of the current Whois
> policy outlined by auDA.

The current policy only states that the information
must be made available to the public. However
ausregistry could still implement protective steps
prior to the information being displayed without being
in breech of the policy. It is the automatic
harvesting of emails that is the problem not a casual
query. I use the whois database quite often for
research purposes. ie who owns that domain what else
do they have, where are they, who hosts them etc etc.
so am not against the whois being there.

auda policies cannot be construed as gospel. Many
registrars, resellers and registrants would
technically be in breech of policy if they were
enforced with a heavy hand. 

Namescout registrants have a namescout email used in
the whois data why doesn't Domain Candy use this type
of system if you did maybe I would move to you.


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