RE: [DNS] Query on changing registrars

RE: [DNS] Query on changing registrars

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 15:31:03 +1000

No, there isn't, unfortunately. The way the promotion works is that
you essentially have bought the name from your current registrar, but been
given a 6 month free period and a 6 month delay in paying for the balance,
during which you can decide you don't want it in which case you can just not
pay, resulting in the registration lapsing. There is deliberately no
provision to transfer to another registrar within the 6 month period.


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> Subject: [DNS] Query on changing registrars
> I thought I would ask this here, as there are obviously many 
> people who 
> are au fait with the registrar system.
> I have a domain which I have on the 6-month free trial that 
> expires in a month.
> I want to keep it, but I am completely unsatisfied with the registrar 
> and want to transfer it to a different registrar without paying the 
> current registrar the registration fee.
> Without naming a name, their price is outrageous and *it is not 
> advertised on the site what the price will be when you take out the 
> free trial* (or wasn't when I bought it; don't know about 
> now). The status on the domain is SERVERTRANSFERPROHIBITED Is 
> there any method of avoiding the extortion from this registrar, 
> beyond letting the domain name expire and then waiting for it 
> to become 
> available and using a different registrar?
> thanks,
> Lea
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