domain name, WSIS & governance news - 15 August

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 15 August

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 01:12:27 +1000 (EST)
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au: Chariot Internet breaches transfers policy
auDA has found that Chariot Internet Ltd, a reseller
of Melbourne IT, has breached the Transfers (Change of
Registrar of Record) Policy (2003-03).

us: Internet Information Posted on a Publicly
Accessible Website Is Not a Trade Secret
In reversing an Indiana superior court’s grant of a
preliminary injunction motion, the State of Indiana
First District Court of Appeals found that domain
names and other information contained on a publicly
accessible website could not be the subject of a trade
secret action under Indiana’s version of the Uniform
Trade Secret Act. Paramanandam v. Herrmann, Case No.
84A01-0408-CV-345 (Ind. Ct. App. May 24, 2005).

in: Use, transfer of disputed domain names in .IN
space frozen
CYBER-SQUATTERS eyeing quick bucks in .IN domain on
Internet may soon be caught in their own web.

.Jobs Domain Nears August 15 Deadline for Start-Up
Period (news release)
Trademark Owners Are Advised to File Before Deadline
to Ensure Service Marks Are Protected Before September
Land Rush

ICANN Correspondence from GAC Chairman to ICANN Board
Regarding .XXX TLD
ICANN has posted correspondence from the Chairman of
ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee to ICANN's
Board of Directors expressing concerns about the
proposal to approve the delegation of the .XXX
sponsored Top Level Domain. The GAC Chair reports that
there are a wide range of views regarding the
potential delegation of .XXX, and recommends that the
Board should allow time for additional governmental
and public policy concerns to be expressed before
reaching a final decision on this TLD.

us: Domain Name Pays Off Big for McLean Photographer domain sold for $133,000.

us: Cuban: Thumbs-down on
Mark Cuban,'s second-largest shareholder
indicated that he will vote against the domain name
registration company's deal to be acquired by private
equity firm Vector Capital Corp. for $202 million.,10801,103793,00.html

us: Who says there are no second acts?
Network Solutions CEO Champ Mitchell says helping
small-business owners build up a Web presence is
high-growth industry that has his company turning a

GNSO Council Teleconference Agenda - 18 August 2005

Beware of Domain Dupers
It's been nearly a year since I brought home my newly
minted domain. It was so cute. Swaddled in ones and
zeros, cuddling its domain suffix. I loved it. It was
mine, and I had Yahoo! Small Business to thank for the
rock-bottom price ($9.95 a year per domain) and easy

At Home Hawks Domain Name Portfolio
MARK TWAIN ONCE SAID: "BUY land. They've stopped
making it." Apparently, the same holds true for domain
names. As part of its liquidation process, At Home
Liquidating Trust, the current incarnation of former
broadband Internet provider Excite&#167;Home, is selling a
portfolio of 119 domain names, including and, Sell for $750,000 Apiece
The market for resold domains continued to trend
higher with a series of spectacular deals this month.
Meanwhile, prices for first-time domain registrations
can't get much lower, with pricing unchanged at all
major providers this month.

eu: Scheme to resolve .eu domain name disputes
The launch of the .eu top-level domain, due to take
place by the end of the year, will also introduce a
new procedure for the resolution of domain name
disputes. A consultation has been launched on the
proposed .eu dispute resolution system.

eu: Collaboration with intermediaries and agents
EURid would like to clarify the conditions under which
accredited registrars can collaborate with
intermediaries or agents. Eurid notes there are 3
points to be observed: 1. No breach of the link
"registry (EURid) - accredited registrar -
registrant", 2. First-come-first-served, 3. Avoiding

Tucows Receives .EU Registrar Accreditation
Tucows Inc. announces that it has received
accreditation from EurID

MonsterCommerce buys domain name for $285K
MonsterCommerce said Wednesday it purchased the domain
name for about $285,000.

Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme -
Phase Two, August - November 2005
To build on the Internet Governance Capacity Building
Programme that was run earlier in the year, Diplo, in
cooperation with the Global Knowledge Partnership
(GKP), ICANN, and the Swiss Agency for Development and
Cooperation (SDC), is currently accepting applications
for the Internet Governance Research Programme. This
programme aims at improving Internet Governance
(IG)-related knowledge and skills of participants from
developing countries, and facilitating
community-building among different national, cultural,
and professional groups.

Senator denounces report calling for UN global
internet control
A US Senator has denounced the recent WGIG report.
Senator Norm Coleman said  "My probe of the U.N. as
Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on
Investigations revealed management that was at best,
incompetent, and at worst corrupt. The first priority
for the United Nations must be fundamental reform of
its management and operations rather than any
expansion of its authority and responsibilities. The
Internet has flourished under U.S. supervision,
oversight, and private sector involvement. This growth
did not happen because of increased government
involvement, but rather, from the opening on the
Internet to commerce and private sector innovation.
Subjecting the Internet and its security to the
politicized control of the UN bureaucracy would be a
giant and foolhardy step backwards."

Coleman denounces report calling for UN global
internet control (news release)
Coleman opposed to any proposal to hand control of
Internet governance over to the United Nations

Internet must be controlled
Internet control. It should be no surprise that the
Internet requires some sort of co-ordination to make
it function. We take it for granted, but someone has
to control how it works. [Discusses the WGIG report]


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BNA Internet Law News <>.


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