domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 August

domain name, WSIS & governance news - 18 August

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Delay for .xxx 'net sex' domain
The plan for a virtual red light district through the
creation of a .xxx net domain name has hit delays
after concern from government officials.,7204,16290100%5e16123%5e%5enbv%5e,00.html,1377,68545,00.html

us: Bush administration objects to .xxx domains
The Bush administration is objecting to the creation
of a .xxx domain, saying it has concerns about a
virtual red-light district reserved exclusively for
Internet pornography.

Objections to .XXX, Attention in High Places
Dot XXX is in for some interesting times, I fear.
First the ICANN GAC chair Sharil Tarmizi is suggesting
that more time be given for government and public
policy feedback on .XXX. Objections certainly have
started to come in from rather high places, such as
from the US Department of Commerce.

Why .XXX Domain Names are a Good Idea
Bob Parsons is an interesting, entrepreneurial kind of
a guy. He got in on the front end of the technology
curve in the early 1990s when Parsons Technology made
a name for itself in Evangelical circles by being
among the first to market Bible software. His
QuickVerse software brought the Scriptures to
Christian computer users’ fingertips.

ICANN: Correspondence from GAC Chairman to ICANN Board
regarding .XXX TLD
Dear Colleagues, As you know, the Board is scheduled
to consider approval of a contract for a new top level
domain intended to be used for adult content. I am
omitting the specific TLD here because experience
shows that some email systems filter out anything
containing the three letters associated with the TLD.

ICANN: Comment Period 2 of ccPDP Commences
The ccNSO Council initiated a country code Policy
Development Process to consider recommending to the
Board of ICANN changes to Article IX of the ICANN By
Laws; the ccNSO Policy Development Process; and the
Scope of the ccNSO to encourage ccTLD managers to join
the ccNSO. The Issue Manager has released the Initial
Report and comments from the community are now being
sought. The comment period will be open until GMT
12.00, Wednesday 7 September 2005.

eu: Companies get set for .eu name fight
BRITISH companies are gearing up to fight rivals
across Europe for the right to the first European
Union-wide internet domain names.,,9071-1735131,00.html

UK's internet industry 'thriving'
The .uk domain name business is thriving, according to
a report by Nominet, the body which manages and
oversees .uk domain name registrations.

uk: Crackdown due on violent web porn
The government is set to announce a crackdown on
brutal internet porn to block access to sites
depicting rape, strangulation, torture and

au: Google, others breach e-gambling law?
Search engines with Australian domains, including
Google, are being investigated by authorities for
possible breach of interactive gambling laws.,2000061733,39206961,00.htm

in: Disputed names are frozen in .IN TLD
.IN ccTLD logoStung by a spate of complaints of
cyber-squatting in India's ambitious .IN domain name
registration process, the designated registry,
National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), has frozen
the use or transfer of certain disputed domains

us: Private domains not so private?
A dispute over a librarian's attempts to out what he
called corruption in the world of poetry competitions
has led to a new battle in which he is accusing one of
the country's largest domain registrars of
illegitimately exposing his personal information.

us: Eminent Domain v. the Multitude of Internet Domain
I say, what's really going on? Kelo v New London, the
eminent domain case affirmed by the USSC in late June,
allows local governments to force private property
owners to sell land and businesses if the government
feels it to be in the best interest of the community.
Property rights aside, what will happen to mystery and
imagination when Wal-Mart replaces the abandoned,
"haunted" house behind an elementary school?

How to avoid copyright infringment in your domain name
One of the most important aspects of choosing a domain
name is that it should be non-infringing. This is not
an easy task since most unique names have already been
registered. The number of useful domain names from the
marketing point of view have become extremely limited.
Several companies now register variations of their
trademark names as a preventive measure against
infringement. For example, check,, and, or try and

us: Comments of the United States of America on
Internet Governance by the State Department
Issues addressed in the State Department's report are
Freedom of Expression; Internet Stability, Security
and Cybercrime; the Internet Domain Name and
Addressing System; Multilingualism; Interconnection
Costs; Intellectual Property Rights; Spam; Data
Protection and Privacy; Consumer Protection; Human
Capacity Building and Meaningful Participation in
Global Public Policy Development. The report notes the
US is open to discussion to improve "the technical
efficiency as well as the transparency and openness of
existing governance structures" and "that the existing
structures have worked effectively to make the
Internet the highly robust and geographically diverse
medium that it is today". Further, the US "continues
to support ubiquitous access to the Internet and the
development of Internet infrastructure around the
globe". The report also notes "a fundamental area of
public policy which is absent from the WGIG report –
the role of an enabling environment in Internet
development and diffusion". The report concludes by
saying "Given the breadth of topics potentially
encompassed under the rubric of "Internet governance"
there is no one venue to appropriately address the
subject in its entirety. While the United States
recognizes that the current Internet system is
working, we encourage an ongoing dialogue with all
stakeholders around the world in the various fora as a
way to facilitate discussion and to advance our shared
interest in the ongoing robustness and dynamism of the
Internet. The focus of these discussions should be on
how all stakeholders can continue to collaborate in
addressing Internet-related issues. In these fora, the
United States will continue to support market-based
approaches and private sector leadership in Internet
development broadly."

us: Public Comments on the WGIG Report to the State
Responses to the State Department's request for
comments on WGIG documents are available at:

us: Internet Stability, Security Must Be Maintained,
U.S. Says (news release)
Ensuring the stability and security of the Internet
must be a primary concern as the international
community works to devise a framework for its
governance and operating mechanisms in the future, the
United States said August 15.

Who should control the internet?
On August 1, US President George W. Bush appointed
John Bolton as the US ambassador to the United Nations
without the approval of the Senate.

India wants freedom from U.S. hold over Net governance
India wants freedom from the U.S. hegemony over the
Internet. An assertive India has called for an
“immediate changeover of the U.S. dominated governance
of the Internet to an international body which is
inter-governmental, multilateral and multistakeholder
in nature.

US$220,000 for Tunis WSIS Summit
Rwanda is to spend US$ 220,029 for preparations for
the WSIS, that will be held in Tunisia. According to a
document titled WSIS Support Working Budget, the money
will cover the period between August 1 and November
16, with the budget being split into four components
namely; Group Budgets, Consultancy, Summit
Preparations and Participation and Participation in
Preparatory Meetings.


Sources include Quicklinks <> and
BNA Internet Law News <>.


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