[DNS] Current Policy Reviews

[DNS] Current Policy Reviews

From: David Hill [Hostcentral] <david.hill§hostcentral.net.au>
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 03:58:40 +1000
Hi All,

> I think the WHOIS system should be used as a tool for the information
> of consumers, suppliers, and Internet Service Providers with a need
> for the information that is displayed, all of which have no
> requirement to see physical addresses and contact numbers.

> The WHOIS system is not designed to be used for hunting and
> prosecuting people for piracy to benefit an American council
> representing major music and movie companies. These organisations have
> other channels available to them if they wish to do this.

Whilst I do not agree with Michael Purse in general, given his past business
activities, I do wholly support his sentiments in this post.

What we do not need in this country, is corporate heavy weights leaning upon
users based upon their WHOIS information for any reason. Having dealt with
such issues personally before, although not for any crime or reason, as
defined by the Supreme Court of NSW, I wholly back his comments in this


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