[DNS] Current Policy Reviews

[DNS] Current Policy Reviews

From: Michael Purse <pursey§gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 15:20:37 +1000
I note that an 11th submission has appeared on the auDA website (Odd,
considering that the final date for submissions was August 31) from
the International Trademark Association.

INTA has basically echoed the calls of the Council of Online
Accountability. It needs to be made clear to these organisations that
the WHOIS system is not there to catch people that infringe trademark
and copyright laws.

The Police Service can find information on domain registrants if so
requested by them with the correct documentation provided to their
registrar. WHOIS is not there as a system of information gathering for
vigilante law enforcement by the Recording and Motion Picture


Michael Purse
Received on Fri Sep 02 2005 - 05:20:37 UTC

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