[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 1 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 1 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 18:19:24 +1000 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By COB 5 September, a more
recent edition of the news should be posted to the
auDA web site.

The domain name news is supported by auDA.


Aust domain services up for grabs
Australia's domain name regulator, auDA, has issued a
request for tender (RFT) for the provision of registry
services for so-called "second-level" .au domains --
such as .com.au and .gov.au -- for four years from



ph: Court wants ?peaceful? settlement to PLDT.com
domain dispute
AN interesting twist has developed in the
long-standing dispute between the Philippine Long
Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and Gerry Kaimo, owner
of the PLDT.com domain.


kp: North Korea's baby steps for the Internet
A story on North Korea's limited forays on the
internet that finishes with "Still, North Korea's
isolation from the rest of the world can be felt even
in cyberspace. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers, has not yet authorized a
domain name for the country, even though the
government has repeatedly asked for the site of


IGP Asks You to Weigh in on the USG's .xxx
Intervention By Milton Mueller
Responding to the .xxx intervention by the US Commerce
Department, the Internet Governance Project has
FUNCTIONS." You can view the statement here and add
your name as a signatory at the bottom. Over 60 people
have endorsed it.

xxx: The Internet again in the political crosshairs
Social conservatives helped to re-elect President Bush
last year. Now his administration is returning the
favor with a crackdown on sexually explicit material.


Podcast on .xxx by Bret Fausett
A podcast by Bret Fausett should be available here

The .iq Debacle
Ali Uzri, an Iraqi technology consultant, has been
waiting for his country to get on the information
superhighway for a long time. ?Near my house in
Baghdad, there?s an Internet cafe called Dreamnet.iq,?
says Uzri. ?The sign has been up for over a year?even
though for most of that time it was the .iq part that
was just a dream.? That?s because, despite the fact
that Iraq has been a sovereign nation for some 15
months, its top-level Internet domain, .iq, has been
in a legal limbo.


de/us: Network provider censors gory website
Level 3 Communications is denying German web surfers
access to Ogrish, a website displaying graphic images
that many consider distasteful.


The World of .ORG
The inaugural issue of The World of .ORG, a quarterly
e-newsletter with information and resources for the
.ORG community.

New rules for museum-domains
The museum-domain is an exclusive domain. It is open
for registration by museums, organization of museums
and friends of museums. The notion of museum is
understood very generously, e.g. a zoological or
botanical garden belongs to it. A proof to be a museum
is necessary for registering museum-domains.

us: Mashantucket Pequots take Web site owner to court
The Mashantucket Pequots are arguing in federal court
that a Massachusetts man's Web site is confusing
Internet surfers looking for the home page of the
tribe's Foxwoods Resort Casino.


us: Front porch opens door to porn
When Mike Zoglio launched
www.doylestownsfrontporch.com earlier this month, he
didn't consider the possibility that someone might
come along and, by dropping just one letter, create a
very different Internet connection.


Now .travel Net IDs for travel firms
Travel-oriented entities will now have their own
address on the Internet: .travel (dot travel).


us: National Arbitration Forum Issues Decision on AARP
Web Address
A National Arbitration Forum arbitrator rules in favor
of AARP regarding the Internet domain name


ca: Webnames.ca to Sponsor INTA Trademarks in
Cyberspace Forum
Webnames.ca is sponsoring the upcoming International
Trademarks Association?s (INTA) Trademarks in
Cyberspace Forum in Vancouver, in September.

Unraveling the mystery of how domain name servers work
Domain name servers (DNS) are an important but
invisible part of the Internet, and form one of the
largest databases on it. Each machine on an Internet
is assigned a unique address, called an Internet
Protocol or IP address, which is a 32-bit number and
is expresses as 4 octets.


Fun With DNS: Three Useful Commands
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed,
hierarchical database where authority flows from the
top (or root) of the hierarchy downward.


Domain Name Slamming
Today I received a notice in the mail claiming that my
domain name was about to expire. The letter was
written in extremely alarming terms, as if my entire
world would be destroyed forever if I was stupid
enough to allow the name to expire. The letter made it
clear that I could renew immediately and should,
because if the domain expired I would, of course, lose
it and thus life as I knew it would come to a close.

The In's and Out's of Pre-Owned Domain Names
I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems like
all of the best domain names have already been taken.
On more than one occasion, I've come up with a great
domain name for a site, only to find that someone else
had already purchased it. I can live with that, but
sometimes I've found that it has been purchased by
some scum domain scavenger, and that's really

us: Jerry Falwell Loses Bid to Shut Down 'Gripe' Site
The Rev. Jerry Falwell cannot use federal trademark
law to shut down a Web site at www.fallwell.com that
is critical of his views about homosexuality, a
federal appeals court has ruled.


9 million domain names in .DE ccTLD
DENIC received the request to register the nine
millionth .DE domain.


Regional Civil Society Forum on the Information
Society for the Middle East and West Asia unexpectedly
banned by government authorities (statement from
Arabic Network for Human Rights)
A regional civil society forum in Iran, grouping 40
Iranian and international delegates to talk about the
Internet and information society was banned a few
hours before the start of the event.

ph: Information Society summit slated in Manila
THE COMMISSION on Information and Communications
Technology (CICT) will host a Philippine summit on the
Information Society next month in Manila.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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