[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 5 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 5 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 22:53:05 +1000 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business on 8
September Melbourne time, a more recent edition of the
news should be posted to the auDA web site.

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us: Nassau County Man Set Up Fraudulent Hurricane
Relief Web Sites
A judge issued an order Friday preventing a Nassau
County man from using the Internet to solicit funds he
claimed would benefit Hurricane Katrina victims.


us: In the Face of Catastrophe, Sites Offer Helping
There is a large number of websites being set up
following Hurricane Katrina, not all of them genuine.
The owner of one site, katrina.com, was offered
US$500,000 for her domain, but refused.




Le cyclone Katrina d?cha?ne des vagues... de noms de

in: Registrants for India's .in domain reach 130,000
More than 130,000 registrants have taken up the .in
domain name registration, under a plan by the Ministry
of Communications and Information Technology of India
to overcome the lack of a national domain registration
name. The number is up from the just 6,500 .in
registrations in January.



sg: SGNIC reduces prices of .sg internet domain names
The Singapore Network Information Centre, or SGNIC, is
cutting the prices for those who want to register the
.sg domain name by $10 to $30 for each name to boost


uk: Let's put internet porn on a new top shelf 
"There is something about the subject of porn that
causes people to leave their brains at home before
pronouncing on it." This article examines the
controversy over attitudes to porn, including .xxx.


xxx: Constructing a red light district on the Internet
Most Reston-based API seminars include a visit to the
Freedom Forum for First Amendment discussions.
Thousands of news professionals will have the
opportunity to improve their knowledge through case
studies, lectures, interviews and publications that
show historical and current applications of First
Amendment issues. Let me rephrase that. A seemingly
uncontroversial proposal to create a special domain on
the Internet to help protect children (and others)
from adult content developed strong opposition on the
eve of its implementation earlier this month. It has
been put on hold.


xxx: Porn producers, fighters try to stop xxx domain
If you think politics makes strange bedfellows, try
pornography. Let me rephrase that. A seemingly
uncontroversial proposal to create a special domain on
the Internet to help protect children (and others)
from adult content developed strong opposition on the
eve of its implementation earlier this month. It has
been put on hold.


xxx: To se.xxxy for .com? (reg req'd)
A new online domain, .xxx, has been proposed. Many
governments around the world, including Bush's, are
trying to stop the creation of this virtual red light
district. Protests are also coming from family groups
and many conservative Christian organizations. The
decision of the matter has been postponed until
mid-September, but debate rages on throughout the
world about what to do about the situation.


2005 RIPE NCC Membership Survey Results
Following the successful RIPE NCC Membership Survey
conducted in 2002, the RIPE NCC conducted another
survey in 2005. The purpose of these surveys is to
ensure that the RIPE NCC continues to meet members?
needs, and to give all members the opportunity to
voice their opinions on the activities that it
undertakes and the services it provides. For 2005
survey results, see:


Policy Development Process in RIPE
RIPE is pleased to announce that Rob Blokzijl, RIPE
Chair, has published a new RIPE Document, "Policy
Development Process in RIPE", (ripe-350). This
document formally describes the policy development
process. The updated process is operational from 1

es: New National Plan of domain names under ?.es?
(news release)
The second phase of the progressive registry will be
available from 6 September to October 21.

fi: Letters ?, ? and ? possible in fi-domain names as
of 1 September (news release)
At the beginning of September, it will become possible
for companies and organisations to also apply for
fi-domain names containing the letters ?, ? and ?
(also called as Internationalized Domain Names, or
IDNs) because the Finnish Communications Regulatory
Authority (FICORA) will introduce these native
language characters in fi-domain names as of 1

ru: Suspension of com.ru
Domain names registration in COM.RU domain is
temporarily suspended according to the decision of
Coordination Center for TLD RU

pk: Sunrise Period for name.pk Domains
The Sunrise Period for name.pk Domains is open from 15
July to 30 September

ch: New Conditions for Domain Names
SWITCH aligns its General Terms and Conditions for
domain names to today's general framework.

fr: New Chief Executive Officer for the AFNIC
Jean-Yves Babonneau's has been succeeded by Mr Mathieu
Weill as CEO of the French ccTLD Registry, starting
from July 1st, 2005.


in: APNIC announces Internet Root nameservers
deployments for India (news release)
APNIC, the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre, is
pleased to announce that three new Internet root
nameservers are now operational in India.

>From Choike - Internet Governance - A Review in the
Context of the WSIS Process by Carlos A. Afonso
This document provides information on the current
Internet governance transition processes, discussing
some of the approaches being submitted to public
discussion, and reviews the final report of the WGIG.
It also provides brief historical and reference
information on the current global governance system
specifically created for the Internet. In addition, it
presents a review of the perspectives on Internet
governance from the point of view of the organized
groups of civil society organizations who have been
involved in the corresponding discussions both within
and outside the WGIG. The paper is 50 pages long.

>From Choike - Internet governance: Everybody's
business in the Information Society
One of the critical issues launched by the World
Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) held in
Geneva in December 2003 is related to the Internet
governance system, that is to say, to the development
and application by governments, the private sector and
civil society of shared principles, norms, rules,
decision making procedures and programmes that shape
the evolution and use of the Internet. Within this
framework, the UN - mandated by the WSIS Declaration
of Principles and Plan of Action - established in 2004
a Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG). The
group was made up of 40 members from different
countries and sectors (governments, private sector,
academics and organized civil society) with the main
purpose of investigating and making proposals for
specific actions regarding Internet governance.

Collective Learning in the World Summit on the
Information Society by William J. Drake, President,
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
William believes the WSIS process "does not look not
look bad" as "It has provided the world community as a
whole with a first opportunity to participate in an
inclusive dialogue on a broad range of issues
associated with the global information society".
William focusses "on another foundation-laying
byproduct of the WSIS process: collective learning."
William concludes that the "WSIS process clearly has
promoted collective learning on both procedural and
substantive matters" and this "learning will inform
and enhance the ways in which global information
society issues are conceived and tackled going
forward, whether in new WSIS-engendered mechanisms or
simply in other, existing institutional environments. 
In this respect, the WSIS has already made an
important contribution to the governance of the global
information society."

Compilation of comments received on the report of WGIG
This document contains a compilation of comments on
the report of the UN WGIG and proposals for Chapter
three of the Operational Part of the Tunis Final
Document(s). The WGIG

After Tunis: A Summit Without Implementation and Civil
Civil society groups active in the WSIS have voiced
their protest against a serious development related to
the Tunis summit outcomes. The latest draft for the
summit document on implementation and follow-up is
lacking a meaningful commitment to implementation, and
they also are a serious setback for the
multi-stakeholder approach. The official WSIS website
does not even list the Geneva civil society summit
declaration anymore.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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