[DNS] Cybersquatting and secondary market

[DNS] Cybersquatting and secondary market

From: Michael Purse <pursey§gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 21:00:06 +1000
> I think allowing of "reselling/transferring" of a domain name is
> something worth looking at, subject to the new licensee fulfilling all
> of the requirements of a new application (ACN / ABN / etc).

You're right on the money in my books. I cannot see an issue with the
transfer of the domain to a new owner providing that they too meet the
normal requirements they'd need to meet under the *current* auDA

> I definitely do not think that the restrictions on requirements for
> registrations (whether it be Aust citizen/resident for .id.au,
> commercial entity for .com.au, NFP for .org.au, etc) should not be
> lifted. The current requirements are working well.

Nor do I. The protection we have in place in the .au Namespace works
well, and is a great safeguard for consumers.

> - What commercial entities that need a .com.au wouldn't already have an

> - Why would a non Australian Resident/Citizen need/want an .id.au?

The dream of moving here? :)

> - What use would a for-profit organization have for an .org.au?

Fraud and Misappropriation.

> "If it aint broke...."

...replace it if the new one comes Air Conditioning as standard :)
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