[DNS] Time for the rules to change regarding transferring domainname licences

[DNS] Time for the rules to change regarding transferring domainname licences

From: Leefe Hicks <wyvern2§tengutech.net>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 00:05:17 +1000
At 23:06 +1000 23/9/05, Deus Ex Machina wrote:
>Jon Lawrence [jon&#167;jonlawrence.com] wrote:
>>  That's a fair question Kim, but it misses the point that there already is
>>  (and to some extent always has been) a secondary market for .au 
>>domain names.
>>  Now that auDA has (finally) caught up with reality and released 
>>the remaining
>>  generic and geographic names that weren't registered when Mr Elz was away
>>  on holiday back in the mid 90's, it would seem a good time to remove another
>>  artificial (and ineffective) restriction on the development of the 
>>.au domain
>>  name industry.
>>  Perhaps while we're doing that we could also finally dispense with 
>>the farcical
>>  allocation rules (exact match, derived or "otherwise closely and 
>>  connected to the registrant") that serve only to artifically inflate the
>>  revenue of ASIC and the state business registration authorities.
>it would be a positive step forward if the allocation rules where
>retired. allowing names to be sold overseas would be in keeping with all
>other major registries. these are all artificial barriers that no longer
>serve any purpose.

Allowing names to be sold overseas is NOT in keeping with ALL other 
major registries.

Things like com, net, org, info are open slather. Even '.tv' (Tuvalu) 
is open slather.

But not all TLDs are. Most European countries, including the '.eu' 
name space, have restrictions on who can register domains in their 
name space.

Below I have included links to some of registries that have 
geographic restrictions on domain registration.

EU FAQ: Who is entitled to register a .eu domain name?

Japan -> Guide to JP Domain Name

Italy -> ccTLD "it" domain names assignment
and maintenance Rules (rule 4)

.fr Naming Charter
Article 4 - Holders of domain names in the .fr domain zone

Spain -> Applicant's Guide: Who can apply?

I could keep going, but I think that is enough. As you can see that 
the geographical restrictions on domain registration is not limited 
to Australia.


Leefe Hicks
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