[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 22 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 22 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 23:04:30 +1000 (EST)
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za: Criminal network targets domain names
AN INTERNATIONAL criminal network operating a scam in
domain names is systematically targeting South African
businesses, according to an information technology law



us: Typo-squatters target security industry
A serial typo-squatter appears to be targeting the
computer security industry, registering domain names
which are similar in all but one or two characters to
the domains of companies such as Computer Associates,
F-Secure, McAfee, MessageLabs and Symantec.


Nine new internet domain names proposed
Nine new internet domain names, including .xxx for
adult content and .mail for spam-free communications,
could join the more familiar .com and .net suffixes
later this year.


Public Policy Questions for Internet By Geoff Huston
There is little doubt that the Internet has formed
part of the impetus for a revolutionary change in the
nature of the global communications industry.
"Revolutionary" in the sense that the past decade has
seen fundamental and highly disruptive changes in the
nature of the underlying technologies used by the
industry, changes in the composition, ownership and
role of industry players, changes in the nature of
services offered to the end consumer, changes in the
associated financial models used by the industry, and
changes in the regulatory environments in which this
industry operates.

The Non-Parity of the UDRP
The UDRP is obviously not working. Two websites,
fundamentally the same (criticism at trademark.tld),
two opposite decisions, both within weeks of each
other! A Complainant (Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Inc)
initiated a complaint to WIPO about one of my
criticism websites (biocrystpharmaceuticals.com). The
Panel found in my favour. Another Complainant (Eastman
Chemical Inc) meanwhile made a complaint to NAF
regarding another of my criticism websites
(eastman-chemical.com). The Panel found against me.
The two websites are fundamentally the same, both
websites in criticism of the practices of the
individual companies concerned.

us: More fun with internet domain names
Some Democratic-leaning activists have taken a page
out of the Republican's playbook. Pat Jehlen, having
won the primary for the Second Middlesex Senate seat,
faces Republican Bill White in a special election on
September 27. White, like any good 21st-century
candidate, has got a website, BillWhiteForSenate.com,
on which you can find out a bit more about him, make a
donation to his campaign, etc.


ICANN: Draft Revised IDN Guidelines: Public Comment
ICANN has opened a 30-day public comment period on a
draft revised version of the Guidelines for the
Implementation of Internationalized Domain Names ("IDN
Guidelines"). This draft reflects the experiences of
the IDN registries in the implementation of Version
1.0 of the guidelines. Particular attention has been
paid to concerns that have arisen about the deceptive
use of visually confusable characters from different
scripts in individual IDN labels.


WIPO Panel Splits on Descriptiveness of
An arbitration panel of WIPO has decided 2-1 in favor
of Complainant Boca Raton Resort & Club in an action
under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution
Policy over the domain name bocaresorts.com.

Online smut still homeless as .xxx is delayed again
ICANN has delayed again the approval of the .xxx top
level domain until an unspecified "future date".


Surfing With Cerf At Google 	
There are few people in our industry that I admire
more than Vint Cerf, even though we have only met on a
few occasions and briefly at best.


NamesBeyond, Accredited .EU Domain Name Registrar,
Opens Global Pre-Registrations (news release)
NamesBeyond, an accredited .EU domain name registrar,
has opened pre-registrations for .EU Sunrise and
Landrush applications process.

Final .xxx domain approval delayed again
ICANN has again postponed the final approval of a top
level .xxx domain. The domain, which would create a
red-light district of sorts on the Internet, has met
with opposition from conservative groups and even some
pornography websites. It is the second time in two
months that the approval for the domain has been
avoided by ICANN's board.



Switzerland hosts Info Summit preparations
PrepCom-3, the third and final preparatory meeting for
the WSIS in November, got underway in Geneva on


Africa?s Common Position on Internet Governance - The
Dakar Resolution
The conference adopted "The establishment of a global
consultation framework to review in depth the general
policies on Internet Governance" and "The expansion
and reinforcement of the existing institutions for
Internet Governance to enable all stakeholders to
participate and ensure Internet Governance is
efficient, accountable, and democratic, and that
Internet services and resources are distributed in an
equitable manner among all actors and all continents."
Other recommendations included the "Reinforcement of
the role of the GAC of ICANN in all Internet Public
policy development issues"; "African Member States
should set up root server instances to facilitate
acces" and "Participation of specialized African
institutions in technical Internet Governance bodies".

GLOCOM on behalf of the WSIS Civil Society Internet
Governance Caucus": Response to the WGIG Report
This document identfies "public policy issues that are
relevant to Internet governance and assessing the
adequacy of existing governance arrangements". Issues
covered include Adapting and implementing WSIS
principles; Internet Stability, Security and
?Cybercrime?; Intellectual property rights; Privacy
and consumer rights and interconnection costs.


Global Dialogue on Internet Governance!
The Global Deliberative Dialogue on Internet
Governance is now underway and participants from all
over the world are engaing in this stimulating
discussion. Thank you for taking the time to join us.
The goal of the Dialogue is to broaden
multistakeholder participation in the global
discussion about Internet governance and to provide a
mechanism for input into the final Preparatory
Committee Meeting (Prepcom-3) for the Tunis phase of
the UN WSIS.


When will the Net be divided among nations?
ICANN from the start has made some very stringent and
often very weird policies about such issues as the
golden keys. Now its global authority is being
challenged, and such fights could divide the power of
this controlling body, and any adverse outcome will
simply split the Internet.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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