[DNS] Time for therulestochangeregardingtransferring domainname licences

[DNS] Time for therulestochangeregardingtransferring domainname licences

From: James Spenceley <james§iroute.org>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2005 13:45:16 +0300
On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 05:29:07PM +1000, Ron Stark wrote:

>> On the other hand a small Australian business with a solely  
>> Australian
>> market has no use for anything other than a .au name, and to try  
>> to sell
>> them a .com in those circumstances is, I think, predatory.

why ? gTLDs are cool ...

The only logic in you sentence is probably in the reverse ... there  
is little or no use for a solely American company to have a .au  
domain. But that only holds true where the 2 letters aren't funky  
like .tv

In short, I think Geoff Huston coined the phrase on a related mailing  
list many years ago "the dns is not a directory tool".

For me its just just letters and dots, which makes more logical sense  
than using numbers and dots.


> That's the strangest, argument I've ever heard. Convincing an
> organisation that a cheaper, easier to obtain domain is predatory.
> As a few people have already stated; I think you'll find the  
> 'market' no
> longer attaches as much importance to whether an organisation has a
> '.au' at the end of the name.
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> Anand
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