[DNS] Changes to policy

[DNS] Changes to policy

From: Kirk Fletcher <kirk§enetica.com.au>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 14:05:48 +1000
> If you are thinking of a submission, add in some deterents for
> obvious speculation ...

What's wrong with speculation?  As long as it's not cybersquatting,
typo-squatting or a deliberate case of "front-running," and these are
already covered by existing policies and Code of Practice.

> - minimum length of ownership 6 months  (would stop a lot of
> what happens in the .com realm)

Not sure it's necessary... though a standard "no-transfers within
first 30 days of creation" wouldn't bother me, I think six months
is a bit excessive.

> - maximum registrations per entity per day ( ie 5 or so)

This would be a backward step... geez - we have more than
that ourselves!   Absolutely unacceptable restriction... we need
more liberalisation of the .au namespace, not less!
> even perhaps two types of registrations, similiar to ip ranges ..
> a transportable and a fixed, a premium could be charged for the
> transportable which could be used offset the price of a fixed
> registration (provides a bebefit to the general public)

Don't see the benefit in that myself...

Also complicates things too much... the ability for the client to
"lock domain" is all you really need - just to protect users, etc..
and there's no reason that should cost extra.

Kirk Fletcher
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