[DNS] Cybersquatting

[DNS] Cybersquatting

From: Dassa <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 20:27:06 +1000
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|> Hello Ron,
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|> > Bruce, I don't think that you can declare cybersquatting off topic, 
|> > for the simple reason that it's only the scenario of zero eligibility 
|> > criteria
|> Agreed.  But I am not talking about unrestricted eligibility criteria.
|> That is something some others have raised - but that is a 
|> completely separate topic.
|> The key to prevent cybersquatting is appropriate eligibility 
|> controls and dispute resolution processes.

It is good to see some constructive discussion regarding these issue.  The
mailing list is performing as a sounding board to gauge reaction to proposals
and that is great.

Personally I consider the only real way to combat cybersquatting is to take
away the incentive and that means making sure transfers have a restriction on
the price paid by the recepient to have the transfer completed with penalaties
attached if notification/evidence is provided to show this was attempted to be
circumvented.  I agree the proposal for making transfers easier but with the
same eligibility controls sounds reasonable.

I will look forward to seeing the submission that goes up with the proposals
for change to the policy and the final outcomes.

With a bit of effort I'm sure the majority of players can be satisfied. 

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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