[DNS] Time for the rules to change regarding transferringdomainname licences

[DNS] Time for the rules to change regarding transferringdomainname licences

From: James Collins <jamesc§aosreg.com.au>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 18:16:13 +1000
	What's really required, is that it be made possible to transfer
domain name licences from one entity to another, without causing the kind of
fallout of Parked domains everywhere that you find in other TLDs. 

	Ie: in the GTLD there are thousands upon thousands of domain names
which have been grabbed by someone, and literally held for ransom. I'm not
going to go into the reasons why this is a shocking situation, but before
someone opens the flood gates on .au, might I suggest that a reasonable
course be taken?

	Perhaps instead of encouraging the wholesale slaughter and carving
up of the .au domain space by the free and open transfer of domain names, a
method of limiting the potential for damage could be introduced. 

	Some thoughts that spring to mind include (1) Limiting the sale
price for a domain to that of what it cost someone to acquire it. This could
reasonably include additional fees from third parties such as domain host
companies. (2) A ceiling figure for the transfer costs of a domain could be
given, preventing speculation viability, but permitting legitimate trade.
(3) The Registrar charged with the transfer of the domain to ensure that the
transfer is being issued in "Good Faith", and not simply for the purpose of
"Domain Speculation". 

	Possibly a combination of 1, 2 and 3 would allow the best for
business, and the best for the .au domain space.

	In a lot of this, auDA & their associates have been written up as
the bad guys. Surely no one can truly believe this? auDA were given a
wonderful thing in the .au domain space. A space where Robert Elz had
ensured (Or at least attempted to as much as one man could) that if you had
a domain name, you were the legitimate owner of it, and that you were
extremely likely to be involved in the _growth_ of the internet, and not in
merely creating stagnant pockets to line your own pockets. 

	auDA have encouraged growth within the space by releasing some
limits that were stifling growth and discouraging business. They have
ensured that we have a stable and world class Registry and Registrar system.
It would be extremely illogical to suggest that they don't want to see the
.au domain space be a success after all these efforts.

	All that really remains is for someone to ask auDA to carry out a
policy review. Something that won't happen overnight, but is a process which
has worked in favour of the .au domain space in the past.

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