[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 26 September

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 26 September

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Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business on 30
September Melbourne time, a more recent edition of the
news will normally be posted to the auDA web site. The
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Internet Governance: Theory and First Principles by
Johannes M. Bauer, Michigan State University
The paper builds on the literature on the governance
of large technical systems (Mayntz and Hughes 1988),
the literature on policy design in dynamic
environment, and more recent attempts to bridge these
strands of thought in the theory of complex adaptive
systems (Bauer 2004; Cherry and Bauer 2004). Starting
point is a brief review of the notion of governance
and the question of whether the Internet can be
governed at all. Answering this question with ?yes
but?, the paper then explores alternative approaches
to organize governance and their comparative
advantages and disadvantages. This framework is then
applied to some of the 21 issues identified by WGIG,
in particular to questions related to network
infrastructure, network security, and the
multi-lingual reconfiguration of the Internet.


TPRC 2005: DNSSEC and Hardening Security in the
Internet Infrastructure: The Public Policy Questions
by Amy Friedlander, Stephen Crocker, Allison Mankin,
W. Douglas Maughan, Douglas Montgomery, Shinkuro Inc.
This is a paper from the practitioner community. We
are engaged in an effort to strengthen security in the
Internet infrastructure. Our immediate task is to
deploy a new Internet protocol, DNS Security
Extensions (DNSSEC), which promises to harden features
of the Domain Name System (DNS), a key element in the
infrastructure of the Internet.


za: Public Content to Leave Net in the Hands of the
EFFORTS to attract public comments on how SA's
internet domain space should be administered have met
with apathy.

cn: All Google's CN domain names registered by others
"Gmail.cn", the domain name for Gmail in China, has
been registered by a Beijing-based company instead.
Gmail is a key product of Google.


uk: Carphone Warehouse gets domain name revenge on
The Carphone Warehouse has won a spat over the domain
names easiermobile.co.uk and ezeemobile.co.uk which it
set up to parody Stelios Haji-Ioannou's easyGroup and
its easyMobile.com service, despite losing a
near-identical fight over easiermobile.com.

us: Web Scammers Strike Before Hurricane Does
In a spree mirroring the online gold rush that
accompanied Hurricane Katrina, online speculators are
scooping up hundreds of Hurricane Rita-related Web
domain names, and Rita-themed Internet auctions have


ICANN Posts Proposed Amendment to .NET Registry
Agreement for Public Comment
ICANN and VeriSign, the .NET Registry Operator, in
consultation with representatives from
ICANN-Accredited Registrars, have negotiated a
proposed amendment to the .NET Registry Agreement. The
proposed amendment limits registration fee increases
to no more than 10% per year and incorporates a new
version of the .NET Registry-Registrar Agreement. A
summary of the .NET consultations is available at
The public comment forum will be open through 10
October 2005.


VIP.com Domain Sold for $1.4 Million
British betting site operator Leisure & Gaming
announced on Thursday it has purchased the domain name
vip.com for $1.4 million - the highest publicly
reported domain resale of 2005, nearly doubling the
previous top sales of $750,000 for property.com and



Register.com takeover moves a step closer
The takeover of Manhattan-based tech company
Register.com by private equity firm Vector Capital
Corp. took a big step toward to completion with the
scheduling of a shareholder vote.

ICANN approves .cat, delays .xxx decision
ICANN has given final approval to the creation of a
.cat top-level domain (TDL) but has stepped back for
the second time from giving similar approval to the
more controversial .xxx suffix, according to reports.

EU Committee Recommends Internet Domain .kid to
Protect Children From Porn
The European Parliament?s Committee on Culture and
Education is calling for action to protect children
from inappropriate content on the internet. In
adopting on Sept. 6 a report from Marielle de Sarnez
of France on the protection of minors and human
dignity, MEPs said action was needed from politicians,
the industry, schools and parents.

OECD input to WSIS
Latest OECD reports on internet governance and
financial mechanisms, security and promoting ICTs for
development, issues which will be discussed at the
WSIS Tunis Summit that runs from 16-18 November 2005:


ISOC has a blog running with commentary from ISOC
delegates at WSIS PrepCom-3

Internet Society Statement to WSIS PrepCom 3
Sub-committee A on Internet Governance


UN ICT Task Force Series 8: The World Summit on the
Information Society: Moving from the Past into the
Any world summit is challenging to design and to
organize: the World Summit on the Information Society
exceptionally so. This book describes, through the
voices of some of its major actors, essential parts of
the complex undertaking of the WSIS, from conception
to realization.

Twelve Words You Need To Hear
>From Bret Fausett's Lextext blog: Ambassador David
Gross, U.S. Department of State: "The United Nations
will not be in charge of the Internet. Period."


APDIP Releases China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and
Thailand Country Reports on Internet Governance
APDIP's Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance
initiative zooms in on the Internet governance issues,
priorities and challenges faced by five countries in
The reports show that all countries regard viruses,
cyber attacks and spam as the most pressing issues for
Internet governance. Issues on access, affordability,
speed and reliability of the Internet feature high on
the list of concerns in India, Indonesia and Thailand.
While in India and Pakistan, more than two-thirds of
the respondents regard the availability of local
language software and local content as urgent
concerns. Respondents from China are less concerned
about this issue but are significantly more
dissatisfied than those in other Asia-Pacific
countries with the current system for allocating and
managing IP numbers. The reports also detail the
governance issues and opinions about two new and
emerging technologies ? wireless Internet and Internet

Internet Governance - subcomittee notes - Sept 23
Report from SubCommittee A meeting on 23 September


PrepCom-3 (Geneva, 19-30 September 2005) - 23
Chair of the Sub-Committee A (Internet Governance) -
Chapter Three: Internet Governance Chair?s paper


Robert Guerra's Internet Governance - subcomittee
notes - Sept 23
Robert Guerra's complete notes of Internet Governance
subcomittee notes from Sept 22 are available at:

Robert Guerra's Internet Governance - subcomittee
notes - Sept 22
The notes give a country by country summary of their


Effect of WSIS On Nigeria
Second phase of the WSIS comes up in 54 days away in
Tunis. Remmy Nweke reports that the processes have
been a stimulae to development in the Information and
Communications Technologies (ICTs) in the country.

ICT4Peace Report by Ambassador Stauffacher, William
Drake, Paul Currion and Julia Steinberger
This report aims to answer the following question: do
ICTs have a special role in promoting peace? The
examples of ICT use in warfare are well-known:
propaganda, intelligence, communications and
ICT-enable weapons systems. But can ICTs be used in
other ways, by other actors, to diffuse a situation
leading to conflict, help end a conflict, or allow the
stabilisation of a post-conflict situation? These were
the questions to be answered, at least partially,
before the second phase of the Summit. In May 2004, I
met with humanitarian consultant Paul Currion. Drawing
on his experience and advice, we developed the
framework for the ICT4Peace project. With the support
of the Swiss Government Foreign Affairs and Department
of Defense, and the interest of the former President
of Finland Ahtisaari and Maurice Strong, I initiated
the ICT4Peace project in 2004.


Drafting on "Internet Governance? is starting
After some days of general comments and discussions,
the PrepCom will finally start drafting the Internet
Governance chapter on Monday. Chairman Masood Khan
this morning presented a paper as basis for further
negotiations. Civil society is very upset about the
clear danger it gets locked out of the drafting
process again.

Governments Drop Serious Commitments to Implementation
The PrepCom subcommittee that currently is working on
the implementation and follow-up part of the summit
documents today has dropped the language for serious
follow-up to the summit. Civil Society groups were
overrun by the accelerated speed of the negotiations
and could not give their input anymore.

Civil Society Adapting to Changes in WSIS Process
The WSIS PrepCom has moved to subcommittee mode today
and has started negotiations on Internet Governance
and Implementation. Civil society groups have adapted
to the new structure and are mirroring the
negotiations now. They submitted their statements and
made clear that they insist on a full and effective
participation in any process following the Tunis
summit. Governments at the moment are pretty open to
this, it seems.

CERN/ITU/UNU help build momentum for African research
and education networking
As part of efforts to implement the outcome of the
first WSIS, held in Geneva in 2003, the United Nations
University (UNU ) in collaboration with the
International Telecommunication Union (ITU ) and the
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN )
will hold an International Workshop on African
Research and Education Networking to promote
scientific cooperation with and within Africa, through
the development of networking infrastructure. The
event, to be hosted by CERN, takes place in Geneva
from September 25-27, 2005.


Last Battle before the Summit
The third and last meeting of the Preparatory
committee for the WSIS (PrepCom-3) has started two
hours ago. The upcoming two weeks will see major
struggles around the hot topics Internet Governance
and summit follow-up. The chances for progress are
less than slim, and civil society is already
discussing if and when it should leave the official
drafting exercise. In the meantime, the PrepCom was
almost blocked over the non-accreditation of the NGO
Human Rights in China.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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