[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 15:35:55 +1000
Graham Miller [graham&#167;webs.net.au] wrote:
> dns-bounces+graham=webs.net.au&#167;dotau.org wrote on Thursday, October 13, 2005
> 3:13 PM:
> > all these domains are registered on valid claims.
> If this is so, then I would have to ask the original poster to back up his
> claim that they are all registered to Jeff Marr. Surely one person could not
> claim close association with all those diverse generic names.

indeed one can, there are in fact a variety of possible claims
that would allow one to have multiple seemingly unrelated domains.

again privacy prohibits me from discuss specifing details.

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