[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 13 October

[DNS] domain name, WSIS & governance news - 13 October

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 20:14:51 +1000 (EST)
Check out http://auda.org.au/domain-news/dn-news for
the latest domain news. By close of business Melbourne
time on 17 October, a more recent edition of the news
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au: Watchdog warns on domain name scams
SMALL-BUSINESS operators can be easy prey for
fraudsters trying to winkle out money for unsolicited
and unneeded "services", says the Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission. ACCC chairman
Graeme Samuel said domain name solicitations, in
particular, were a frequent source of complaints to
the ACCC and fair trading agencies.


cn: Domain names related to earth's summit
preemptively registered
Domain names similar to 8844, the new height of meters
of Mount Qomolangma confirmed on Sunday, have been
heatedly registered by Chinese cyber speculators,
according to a report in Monday's Beijing Morning


Web domains hit new high
One of fastest growing trends of electronic
communications is digital identity. The simplest way
of establishing digital identity is to get a domain
name and create a web site and email accounts.

Riding on Expiring Domains: Are Registrars Abusing
Owners' Rights?
The ICANN regulations for domain name registrars
dictate a requirement for deletion and auto-renewal
policies. However, if you've had a domain expire
lately you may have noticed that your registrar has
taken over your domain name's DNS and redirected YOUR
domain to THEIR website. This is because of a clause
in their Service Agreement that says you give them
permission to do this.

Do You Have The Next 6 Figure Domain Name? (news
Do you have a great domain name that you?ve registered
but are not currently using? Then, get ready to cash
in on the biggest domain name purchase event of the
year at http://www.nichecashcows.com

in: Straddling two realms
Two years into his role as president and CEO of the
Public Interest Registry (PIR), a non-profit
organisation that manages the .org registry, Edward
Viltz is taking his evangelical role very seriously.
His mission is to get more non-commercial
organisations worldwide to sign up for .org domain
names on the internet. And the first country he chose
to start this mission happened to be India.


EU readies itself for .eu sunrise
Companies and individuals desperate for a .eu domain
have only a few more weeks to wait








.aero launches ?who?s who? online directory for the
aviation community
.aero, the top level domain of the aviation industry,
today announced the launch of an online directory
dedicated to the air transport community. ... As
holding a .aero domain name requires that the
registrant be "verified" as a company or association
affiliated with the industry, end users can be
confident that the search results returned by the
directory will be credible and trustworthy.


ICANN Announces New Staff Appointments in IANA
Appoints David Conrad as General Manager and Kim
Davies as Technical Liaison of IANA.



A Further Look Into ORSN
Most commentators on Vixie's astounding message have
gotten sidetracked. People don't seem to see the most
important feature of his statement: Vixie's
endorsement of Open Root Server Network (ORSN) is
based on explicitly political criteria. As ORSN says
on its web site: "The U.S.A (under the current or any
future administration) are theoretically and
practically able to control "our" accesses to contents
of the Internet and are also able to limit them. A
manipulation of the Root zone could cause that the
whole name space .DE is not attainable any more for
the remaining world - outside from Germany." So ORSN
sees this as a "backup".

EU says internet could fall apart
A battle has erupted over who governs the internet,
with America demanding to maintain a key role in the
network it helped create and other countries demanding
more control.


Where countries stand


Net power struggle nears climax
US administration coming under worldwide pressure over
the net. It is seen as arrogant and determined to
remain the sheriff of the world wide web, regardless
of whatever the rest of the world may think.

House Backs U.S. ICANN Stand
The U.S. House Commerce Committee backed the White
House Thursday and emphatically opposed turning over
governance of the Internet to the U.N..


Moves to give UN net control
PLANS by the UN to take control of the internet have
descended into high farce, with delegates at a meeting
in Geneva tabling nine different proposals but failing
to reach agreement.


Nations squabble over internet management
Delegates at a meeting in Geneva on Monday failed to
reach an agreement on who should control the
internet's addressing system.


The UN World Summit on the Information Society met for
the first time in Geneva, Switzerland on Dec. 10-12,
2003 for what would begin a heated international
debate over control of the Internet.



Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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