[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

[DNS] Australia's luckiest man?

From: Brenden Cruikshank <brenden.cruikshank§spiritcomm.com.au>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 09:35:49 +1000
Maybe he enjoys a weekly Friday golf game with the auDA board :p

Come on who cares? Let him have his domains and move on.

How did you harvest the list?

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| Can some explain how Australia's luckiest man got all these ?
| Airlie Beach - marr
| Albany - marr
| Armidale - marr
| bairnsdale.com.au
| ballina.com.au
| Bathurst.com.au
| Bingo.com.au
| Burnie.com.au
| Canterbury - marr
| carlton.com.au
| Casino.com.au
| collingwood.com.au
| cranbourne.com.au
| cronulla.com.au
| Darwin- marr
| Devenport.com.au
| essendon.com.au
| fraserisland.com.au
| gawler.com.au
| Gladstone.com.au
| gosford.com.au
| gympie.com.au
| Horsham.com.au
| ipswich.com.au
| Kalgoorlie.com.au
| kingscross.com.au
| Launceston.com.au
| lismore.com.au
| lithgow.com.au
| liverpool.com.au
| mackay.com.au
| Maitland.com.au
| Mandurah.com.au
| Maroochydore.com.au
| maryborough.com.au
| Morphettville - marr
| morwell.com.au
| mountgambier.com.au
| Mountisa.com.au
| murraybridge.com.au
| nambour.com.au
| Newcastle.com.au
| Noosaheads.com.au
| nowra.com.au
| Orange.com.au
| parkes.com.au
| penrith.com.au
| Perth - marr
| portaugusta.com.au
| richmond.com.au
| Rosehill-marr
| Shepparton.com.au
| Toowoomba.com.au
| Waggawagga.com.au
| Warrnambool.com.au
| whyalla.com.au
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| >There will always be a few people who will try to get around any rules.
| >Fact of life, you can only make rules to stop the majority and try to
| >any issues as they come up.
| You seem to be missing the point that these rules are in fact designed to
| stop the minority, at the expense of the vast majority of registrants who
| just want to register their chosen name at a reasonable price and get on
| with running their business.
| >One way is the current policy of not allowing resale of domain names,
| >away the opportunity for them to make a profit trading in names or at the
| >very least makes it more difficult and so assists in enforcing the
| >All the policies tend to work together.
| The current policy does not prohibit the resale of domain names at all.
|  It simply forces people into the rather farcial situation where they have
| to pretend that they're selling a business for which the domain name is
| an asset.
| >Take IP out of the definition and the intent is the same.  You may call
| >it a bird but if it quacks it is still a duck.
| The intent may be the same but we're talking about policies to prevent
| market behaviours.  There are effective mechanisms in place to combat IP
| infringement.  There are not for domain warehousing.  It is therefore a
| separate issue.
| >As the other policies would be weakened and there would not be any
| >to a full scale assault of cybersquatting or "warehousing".
| Incorrect.  There are effective mechanisms in place for dealing with
| that would be unaffected by the removal of the allocation policy.
| is happening now in the .au domain space and has been for many years.  As
| I've said, I don't believe that there is an effective way to proscribe
| warehousing without adversely affecting the vast majority of "legitimate"
| registrants.  I also don't see that is the major problem that you seem to
| assume it is.
| >Making sure the opportunities for scammers and others to make a profit
| >are not there and trying to keep them out.  Sure it takes work and it
| >it harder on everyone but I don't want to see the .au namespace ending
| >up like the gTLDs.  It is reasonably clean at the moment.
| I'm not arguing with your intentions, I'm just trying to point out the
| that (a) the current allocation rules do not prevent warehousing and (b)
| that warehousing is not necessarily a "bad thing" anyway.  IMHO, as long
| as there is some local presence eligibility requirement, .au domain names
| will continue to have a degree of perceived value in the Australian
|  I also believe however that the other restrictions on registration are
| neither effective nor particularly necessary and should therefore be
| jon
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