[DNS] New scam

[DNS] New scam

From: Tony Paterson <tony§cmon.com.au>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 16:16:06 +1100
I have just received in the mail a number of notices from Domain Registry of America (www.droa.com) being Domain
Name Expiration Notice and requesting me to renew my .com domains. (.com's)

The content of there notice would have one believe that they are the current registry, which is totally misleading
and again a breach of the protocols. The mailing address is DROA 189 Queen Street Melbourne 3000 Australia which is
the same address for Domain Registry of Australia Suite 209/ 189 Queen St. Melbourne Australia 3000

I have sent a compaint to icann ombusdsman 

Cmon.com.au Pty Ltd
Anthony Paterson
03 59897691

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Ron Stark [ronstark&#167;snapsite.com.au] wrote:
> I see that our friend Chesley, under DomainName.com.au Pty Ltd, seems to be
> at it again - offering 2-year .com domain names, equivalent to harvested
> .com.au domains, at the special price of $225.
> Anybody else seeing this latest surge in this activity?

yes. he seems to be using some sort of .com.au list as his basis.

I dont know you could call it a scam, but its certainly a rip off.


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