[DNS] france ditches magic number requirementRe:Domaindisputeheats up

[DNS] france ditches magic number requirementRe:Domaindisputeheats up

From: Larry Bloch <larry.bloch§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 21:13:57 +1000
OK. Again.

The debate needs to be about what is a better structure. What makes more
money for registrars is not relevant.

What is better for Australia? What is better for Australian businesses? What
is a better structure?

Registrars are service providers. We exist to serve our customers. What is
better for them?

Shorter domains are better. Fewer dots are better. Easier names to remember
are better. I challenge anyone to come up with a single good reason why
someone about to select a new domain name would choose 


Instead of

Why? Because acme.au is better than acme.com.au.

If you spent your life distrusting the motives of commercial enterprises and
rejecting their offerings as a result, who would you buy your food from?
Businesses exist to make money - get over it. This debate is about the
structure of the Australian DNS - not who the winners and losers of change
are, nor what the motives of the participants are. You have to debate the
proposal on its merits, surely.

Would you really vote down a universally popular proposal because it was
introduced by a party that stands to gain from it? 


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> Well I agree.
> Educating people about .com.au is much harder than simply .au - may as
> well
> drop the com in com.au - it's just an additional, unnecessary barrier to
> adoption of names ending in .au
> Larry

Is the suggestion that if you have a .com.au you have to then purchase the 
.au address or get it as a freebee?

In other words is it to generate more revenue for the domain industry or to 
help business?

Cheers Tony 

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