[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

[DNS] Domain dispute heats up

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 22:04:58 +1000
Ron Stark [ronstark&#167;snapsite.com.au] wrote:

where is your id.au ron?

> There are some 1.2M businesses in Australia.  Simple arithmetic suggests
> that there's a 50% penetration of domain names.

and therein lies the problem you totally ignore the other million plus
who are not in business want an .au name and dont qualify, because they
are thinking of starting a business, want to start a busines, dream of
starting a business, have some idea, some project, not ready to go yet.  etc etc etc.

they cant start a business in .id.au!!

this mass of people just take their dollars offshore. this
shortsightness is what happens when people dont listen to registrars!!!!!!!!!!

listen to the registrars, for gods sake. stop inflicting your view of
who should qualify and who shoudlnt.

follow france and europes leads. individuals: there are 20 million of
them in australia. why cant they register in .au?

id.au may as well say .idiot.au or geek.au. the take up is irrelavent.

people want .com.au or .au. thats ordinary people without abns or acns,
with just a dream or a hope.

why do some people want to crush the dreams, hopes and aspirations of ordinary australians
with bureaucracy!!!!

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