[DNS] well well well Re: Domain dispute heats up

[DNS] well well well Re: Domain dispute heats up

From: Sean K. Finn <Sean.Finn§ozservers.com.au>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:41:54 +1000
It is exceptionally hard to prove if someone is trading with a domain or
not, and mistakes of this nature have already been made despite the best
efforts of the parties trying to determine eligibility.

Domain names have more uses than just websites

Namely : Email services, and DNS services, to only highlight the tip of
the iceberg. 

(And I can back it up with stats too if anyone wants to argue that
point, but you're not going to see them in this)

There is no rule anywhere that I am aware of that states that you must
use a domain name for the web.

And, (Not directed at anyone in particular in this discussion, but for
prosperity alone), Anyone who judges if a domain name is being used for
trade based on the website, or lack of website, is an Idiot, and should
not hold a position related to domain name dispute resolution, and
should definitely be pointed to and laughed at in public by their peers
for picking the wrong trade.


> | cynosure.com.au is not listed with a magic number, there is no
> | activity on the web page. you are in breach of the very rules you
> | arguing for.
> Prove it.

thats exatly right, nobody can, can they?  whats the point of a rule
that says you have to have a magic number, when nobody can prove if you
actually trading on it or not?

there is certainly nothing on your web page to indicate you are trading.

from your defensive reaction, its also clear you are not interested in
loosing the name. nor should you have to just because you stop trading
with it.
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