[DNS] france ditches magic numberrequirementRe:Domaindisputeheats up

[DNS] france ditches magic numberrequirementRe:Domaindisputeheats up

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 23:47:13 +1000
Darryl (Dassa) Lynch [dassa&#167;dhs.org] wrote:

> Since AuDA has taken on a management role the prices have come down.  Despite
> intense resistance.  We obviously have different perspectives and experiences.
> I don't believe AuDA has been perfect but I also believe they have done a
> reasonable job in the face of substantial reluctance on the part of others.

you need to put into the perspective of all participants. its not in the
interest of an artifical market to have artifical variation, the
participants are at the mercy of the price setter. in this case auda.

my guess as to ongoing ausreg price drops was to cap ausreg profits,
howver the flip side is that it caps all the industry profits which are
margin based on the wholesale price.

what auda should have done was get the best price to begin with and keep
it there. that wouldnt have caused shock waves through the industry, and
the players changing course for no real reasons. and the end user would
have got the best price much earlier on.

for the medium size companies involved changing course is a non trivial
and very costly exercise and very time consuming. youll find some of the
players havent really seen the shock wave comming, I presume, and have decided to bail.

if you have a rich uncle with a lazy large number of millions you can
buy a couple of the top registrars who are keen for a golden parachute.

you may also note that one of the highlights of the name space was the
existance of relatively stand alone registrars, well them days are gone.

if as we were told, one of the goals of auda was to have a thriving
competitive and healthy market then that goal is becoming murky.

people loss leading, people selling below cost, people looking for the
exists, it doesnt conjure much of an image of health.

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