[DNS] DNS RBL for new GTLDdomains

[DNS] DNS RBL for new GTLDdomains

From: Edwin Groothuis <edwin§mavetju.org>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 09:00:03 +1000
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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 09:39:24 -0700
From: Rick Wesson <wessorh&#167;ar.com>
Subject: Re: [dns-operations] negative caching of throwaway spam domains

I've created a DNSRBL called day-old-bread (ok you think of a good name 
for it) that contains a running list of domains registered in the last 5 
days. It lives at dob.sibl.support-intelligence.net.

a test point is at 

the data set currently has just the last 2 days worth of domain 

The run rate will be around 5M domains for 5 days worth of registrations.

I appreciate any thoughts on how useful this might be, and feel free to 
let others know the lists exists.


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The idea is that this DNS RBL can be used against throw-away domains
in the .com/.net/.info etc namespace.


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