[DNS] domain name news - 29 June

[DNS] domain name news - 29 June

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2006 20:02:29 +1000 (EST)
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Talk dull but deep for Icann

Property boom shifts online

The Internet's CEO signs up for three more years

FTC Issues Statement on Whois Databases (news release)

Whois data a key weapon in fraud fight, FTC says

Germany registers 10 millionth .de domain

ICANN Opens 26th International Meeting in Marrakech,
The ICANN announcement lists some of the highlights of
the meeting in Morocco including Developments in the
area of IDNs, A public meeting of the Security,
Stability and Advisory Committee (SSAC) to discuss the
consequences of domain name registration lapses in
situations where another person registers a lapsed
domain, and a workshop on the committee's ongoing work
to ensure the DNS is protected from certain types of
attacks and Several meetings of ICANN's Governmental
Advisory Committee (GAC), including a meeting to
discuss government perspectives on the public policy
aspects of the WHOIS database and an open plenary
session during which the GAC and ICANN Board members
will participate in open dialogue on current issues.

Talk dull but deep for Icann
With a web domain for pornography effectively off the
agenda, next week's meeting of the Internet's
governing body, Icann, will deal with drier but
meatier issues such as the future of the organisation.

Property boom shifts online
The real estate boom isn't over - it has simply
shifted online with market speculators now buying,
selling and renting virtual properties. The practise
of "domaining" may not be new, but it has recently
evolved in such a dramatic fashion that it will form
one of the key discussions points at a high-level
internet conference in Marrakesh this week.

The Internet's CEO signs up for three more years
Paul Twomey has signed a three-year extension to his
employment contract it was announced this morning in

FTC Issues Statement on Whois Databases (news release)
The Federal Trade Commission today told a meeting of
ICANN that access to the Whois databases is ?critical
to the agency?s consumer protection laws, to other law
enforcement agencies around the world, and to
consumers.? Whois databases are online information
directories that contain contact information about
website operators. Access to the databases is in
question because one of ICANN?s advisory bodies
recommended limiting access to Whois data to
?technical purposes only.?

FTC Issues Statement on Whois Databases
A recent statement released by the U.S. Federal Trade
Commission emphasized that the Whois databases should
be kept ?open, transparent, and accessible,? allowing
agencies like the FTC to protect consumers and
consumers to protect themselves.

Whois data a key weapon in fraud fight, FTC says
The Federal Trade Commission has made a pitch for open
access to Whois, saying the databases are a key weapon
in its fight against spyware and other Internet fraud.

Anti-ICANN Groups Spam The US Department of Commerce
Spam Groups who despise ICANN have organized an email
campaign to let the US National Telecommunications and
Information Administration (NTIA) know what they think
of its continuing effort to privatize coordination and
management of Internet Domain Names and DNS. So how's
it going? Email Battles shows how the mysterious power
of the Web reveals all.

nz: Driver refuses to talk after deadly crash
A driver involved in a two-car crash in Lower Hutt on
Friday night that killed three members of the same
family and a family friend has refused to talk to
police about the incident.

Germany registers 10 millionth .de domain
Germany has registered its 10 millionth domain name,
making the .de top-level domain the second largest in
the world following dotcom.

Ten Million .de Domains Registered at DENIC (news
On Monday, June 26, 2006, DENIC, the German domain
administrator, processed the ten millionth application
for a .de domain. This makes .de the second Top Level
Domain, after .com, to pass the hurdle of ten million
registered domains. The holder of the jubilee domain,
huettenberger-case-fabrik.de, is a manufacturer of
transport cases from Linden, a small town in the
vicinity of Frankfurt.

French registrar signs up 37,000 personal .fr domain
names (sub req'd)

ICANN: .BIZ, .INFO and .ORG Proposed Agreements Posted
for Public Information
Following the receipt of letters from Afilias, NeuStar
and PIR earlier today, ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf
requested the posting of the proposed agreements for
public information. The ICANN Board has not yet
reviewed these proposed agreements, and will consider
posting these agreements for a public comment period
of no less than 21 days at an upcoming Board Meeting.

ICANN: gTLD Registries Request Posting of Proposed
Afilias (.INFO), NeuLevel (.BIZ) and PIR (.ORG) have
formally requested that proposed renewal registry
agreements be posted for public review and comment.
Their letters are posted.

ICANN Nominating Committee Holds Workshop in Marrakech
The Nominating Committee needs your help finding the
best people to serve ICANN. For answers to your
questions about the Nominating Committee process,
please view the webcast of the Marrakech workshop on
Thursday 29 June 2006 at 14:00-15:00 UTC. For
information on the webcast, see Webcast and Remote
Participation Information at
http://www.icann.org/meetings/marrakech/ .

ICANN Calls for Proposals to Host 2007 Meetings
ICANN is actively soliciting proposals from
organizations seeking to host ICANN Meetings in 2007. 

rw: Country to Get Internet Domain
Rwanda is going to be among the few countries in the
world that will be offering free registration for an
Internet Domain name to her citizens, The New Times
has established. According to Dr. Raphael Mmasi, the
Director of National Computing Centre in the Rwanda
Information Technology Authority (RITA), the Country
Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD) is still managed by an
individual, Fredrick Gregory

Sedo Introduces Financing Programs for High-Value
Domain Name Purchases (news release)
World's Largest Domain Name Marketplace Partners with
Domain Capital to Deliver Domain Financing for
Purchases of more than $10,000

Challenges to gripe Web sites produce inconsistent
The answer depends upon what you put on your Web site.
Unfortunately, because court decisions in this area
are contradictory, it also depends on what court tries
your case.

UK snapping up .eu domain names
The UK has the second highest uptake of the new .eu
domain name suffix in Europe, according to new
research with 19% of all .eu registrations in Europe
to date.

ICANN Opens 26th International Meeting in Marrakech,
Morocco (news release)
ICANN?s 26th International meeting officially opens in
Marrakech, Morocco today. The meeting, which runs
until June 30th, sees stakeholders from the technical
community, business and government and civil society,
participate in over 30 meetings and workshops. They
will discuss the most important issues relating to the
ongoing stability, security and growth of the
Internet. These meetings constitute an essential part
of ICANN?s global consensus-development and outreach

Verisign Receives Subpoena Relating to Stock Option
Backdating By George Kirikos  	
VeriSign has reported that they are cooperating with a
grand jury subpoena and a SEC inquiry into their
historical stock option grants. More can be found
here. Backdating of options is essentially a fraud
against existing shareholders, as noted in the press
or simply searching Google for "backdating fraud".
Under the existing 2001 .com Registry Agreement,
section 16.C would allow for termination of the
agreement by ICANN in the event that VeriSign "is
convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of a
felony or other serious offense related to financial
activities... ???

Microsoft Choking Domain Parking Business Practices?
In a follow up to Microsoft's Strider URL Tracer tool
released a few months ago, SecurityFocus is running an
article which takes a closer look at how Microsoft's
free Strider URL Tracer with Typo-Patrol is aimed at
fighting typo-squatters and domain parking abuse. From
the article: "In most cases, the typo domain is not
even selling a product or service itself. The typo
domain makes its money from syndicated advertising
such as Google's AdSense program. The typo-squatter
simply parks the domain and the only content on the
site ends up being the ads served from a syndicated
advertising program.

The Register reports ICANN has extended Dr. Paul
Twomey's contract for two years with a third year

Blackjack.de Rakes in $300,000 Pot in Week's Biggest
Domain Sale 
Blackjack.de sold for a whopping $300,000 this week at
NameDrive.com (the biggest sale to date in that
company's Park & Sell program) to easily top our new
Top 20 chart. That was one of three impressive .de
sales that hit the top half of the Big Board

Six Figure Sale of CreditCare.com and Highest .US Sale
Ever Reported Headline Continuing Surge in Domain
Business is supposed to slow down in the summer, but
you wouldn't know it from the ongoing boom in the
domain market. Still another six-figure sale headlines
our latest Top 20 chart, this one coming from
GreatDomains where CreditCare.com commanded $125,000.
The same venue also posted the second biggest .net
sale of the year, ringing up $56,500 for Bingo.net.
Only Sex.net was higher, going for $454,500 last

Domain Roundtable: Highlights From a Landmark
Gathering of Industry Leaders in the Pacific Northwest
The organizers of the 2006 Domain Roundtable
Conference (held in Bellevue, Washington April 19-21)
faced a difficult challenge when they started putting
together a sequel to the successful debut show they
staged last year in Seattle. In business, it has been
said that if you are not growing you are dying. With
that in mind, executives from conference host Name
Intelligence, Inc. knew they would have to pull out
all of the stops to surpass the level of excellence
they reached last year.

Stick 'em Up! Self Defense Against Reverse Domain Name
Many people and / or small organizations create
websites strictly to share information, to advertise
their non-profit services, to advertise their small
craft projects, or to voice their political or
religious ideas. They will agonize over choosing the
most appropriate domain name that accurately defines
their small company, or they may merely register their
current name or nick-name, or an acronym of their
company?s trade name or a shortened version a trade
name. However the process, they may register a domain
that causes a representative of a corporate entity to
send a demand letter advising them to cease and desist
using this prized domain name.

Domain Names, Trademarks and the Dispute
Domain names and trademarks are related, but the
rights derived from each are very different. Trademark
rights flow from use of a mark for goods or services
in interstate commerce or within a state?s boundary. 
Domain name rights are derived by way of a domain name
owner?s contract with a registrar. Although a
trademark owner has common law, federal or state
rights to particular terms that constitutes their mark
or trade name, it does not necessarily translate that
this owner, above all others, have rights to a domain
name consisting of the trademark owners terms.

us: Online Effort Is Planned Against Child Pornography

au: Long wait for porn filters
IT will be six months before families can obtain a
free filter to block offensive material on home
computers. The technology is, however, available at
cost price from internet service providers under an
existing child protection scheme.

nz: Mobile watershed dropped
The Telecommunications Carriers Forum has approved a
content code for mobile carriers, but without a
controversial proposal to allow mobile companies to
show restricted content after a "watershed" time, as
applies to TV broadcasts.

uk: Child porn convictions to be reported to banks
Police will be able to pass details of child
pornography offenders on to banks so that offenders'
credit cards can be revoked.

ca: Big Brother watching you surf?
One of Canada's largest Internet service providers is
warning its customers that Big Brother is lurking
on-line, with the federal government expected to
revive an Internet surveillance bill. If the
legislation is reintroduced, it could allow police
unfettered access to personal information without a
warrant, experts warn.

uk: Child porn control goes too far, says privacy
The Information Commissioner advised the Home Office
against a key measure of its recent Data Protection
Act amendment giving banks the power to administer an
account without the knowledge of the account holders.

Spam once again on the rise
Spam is again on the rise, led by a flood of junk
images that spammers have crafted over the past few
months to trick e-mail filters, according to security

au: Social isolation linked to web
The internet may be contributing to a long term
decline in the social networks in the US, according to
to a study that reveals fewer close ties are now
shared with family and friends than twenty years ago.

eu: Microsoft faces ?2 million daily fine
EU antitrust authorities plan to recommend that
Microsoft pay as much as ?2 million for every day that
it failed to disclose information about Windows to its

au: Broadband in Australia - Enter the fast lane
Much has been made of Australia's woeful performance
in broadband in terms of population penetration and
average speed compared with other countries. Less
considered is the effect that faster broadband will
have on companies and industries, and what might
happen if it arrives here sooner than expected. As
BRW's news editor, Stuart Washington, writes in this
week's Cover Story: "Australia is on the edge of a
broadband shift that will shake industries to their
foundations ... It is clear that most Australian
households will have access to reasonably cheap
high-speed broadband within months rather than years."

nz: Kiwi Telecom to split retail and wholesale
Telecom New Zealand (Telecom) has announced plans to
create an "independent wholesale operation" in a bid
to promote telecoms competition.

au: Mixed signals from 3G survey
More Australians are becoming aware of third
generation or 3G mobile phone technology, but fewer
are considering using it.

uk/eu: Convergence, IP telephony markets see big
UK convergence and IP telephony resellers grew 23 per
cent last year, more than double the growth rate
achieved by the sector as a whole, reports IT Europa.

us: Next-Generation Internet Not Guaranteed
If Congress and other lawmakers decide to treat the
Internet like telecommunications by passing net
neutrality regulations, disallowing the reform of
barriers to entry in cable and allowing for
government-run muni WiFi, then Netizens should brace
for the worst. The Internet, as we know it, will be

au: VoIP needs in-house staff, warns school
Melbourne Grammar School's (MGS) IT director has
warned organisations examining Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP) telephony not to underestimate the
value of allocating in-house staff to the project.

MySpace Receives More Pressure To Limit Children's
Access to Site
MySpace.com came under pressure yesterday to take
further steps to limit children's access to the site.
At a conference on Internet safety, the attorneys
general from two states challenged assertions by a
MySpace executive who argued that there was no way for
the Web site to verify the ages of people signing up
for membership.

MySpace tightens age restrictions
MySpace.com plans to introduce restrictions on how
adults contact teenagers on the site.

uk: Film censor wants internet power
The UK film censor wants to control and classify films
on the internet. The British Board of Film
Classification has said that it would like to give
web-delivered films certificates in the same manner as
it does for cinema and DVD releases.

au: Net filters shield kids from porn
Debra Ferguson does not want her three teenage boys
tempted by Internet porn. The Goonellabah mother, and
Baptist, is looking forward to getting free computer
software that will screen out sites with adult
material on her family?s computer.

au: Govt plan to protect kids on the net
Families will be offered free filter programs for
their home computer under a $117 million federal
government plan to protect children from internet
predators and pornography.

Free PC filters move to fight porn
THE Federal Government has offered free pornography
filters for home computers as it moves to shore up its
political heartland with a pitch to families.

us: NY lawmaker drops suit claiming Google profits
from child porn
A suburban politician has dropped a federal lawsuit
that had claimed the search engine company Google Inc.
profits from child pornography.

au: Tough Stance on Spam a Success
Australia has dropped from 10th to 23rd on the list of
worldwide sources of spam, according to a report
tabled in parliament today.

au: Spam Act review lauds anti-spam success
Estimates that up to 80 percent of all e-mails are now
spam show the problem hasn't gone away, but
self-congratulation was still prominent as the
Department of Communications, Information Technology
and the Arts (DCITA) handed down its first report on
the Spam Act 2003.

au: Broadband hits 3m
AUSTRALIA now has more than 3 million broadband
internet services, up 78 per cent on the 1.8 million
recorded in March 2005.

eu: The e-society in 2005 - More than a third of EU25
population have no basic computer skills
In the EU25, in 2005, 37% of people aged between 16
and 74 had no basic computer skills. This percentage
was slightly higher for women (39%) than for men
(34%). Among Member States for which data are
available, the survey showed notable differences
between countries. Large differences also existed
between age groups and between different education

au: Why every Australian family needs the internet
IMAGINE a country where the children of poor families
are denied textbooks at home. Where they can't look up
words in a dictionary or the latest facts and figures
in an encyclopedia. Where children of the rich have
access to the best libraries and the best education,
while others are excluded.

Korea plans to leap into 4G
Long after most Asian countries implement their 3G
networks, South Korea would already be implementing
4G, a technology that virtually connects all network
devices including mobile phones and can deliver up to
100 megabits of bandwidth in a wireless environment.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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