[DNS] domain name & governance news - 10 July

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 10 July

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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 23:03:35 +1000 (EST)
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uk/us: New moves to wrest internet from US

Swiss ponder future role of the internet

ICANN is Still Unable to Control Internet Content

au: Oz domain name scammer declares bankruptcy

Icann under threat as consultation closes

uk/us: New moves to wrest internet from US
Efforts to remove the US government's historical
stranglehold on the internet will kick off again
today. Ministers, MPs and internet experts will attend
a parliament reception hosted by Phil Willis, Liberal
Democrat MP and chair of the house of commons science
and technology select committee.

Swiss ponder future role of the internet
Swiss website experts have outlined proposals to
present to the UN:sponsored Internet Governance Forum
(IGF) that will discuss the future shape of the

Fourth annual report of the Information and
Communication Technologies Task Force
In its fourth year, the Information and Communication
Technologies Task Force, through its core activities,
working groups and regional nodes, made a substantive
contribution to the preparations for the Tunis phase
of the World Summit on the Information Society by
sponsoring several regional meetings, organizing a
series of global forums, producing several
publications and participating actively in events
organized by other stakeholders; organized three
high-level round tables linking information and
communication technology (ICT) with science and
technology and the Millennium Development Goals; and
provided substantial input to the Partnership on
Measuring ICT for Development through the working
group on ICT indicators and Millennium Development
Goals mapping.

ICANN is Still Unable to Control Internet Content
African policy makers attending the on going training
on Internet Governance at the United Nations
Conference Center (UNCC) in Addis Ababa have been
cautioned to think about content on the internet to
resolve the governance of public policy.

Internet Governance Being Given Priority in Addis
In planning for the IGF in Athens, Africa's focus
include issues of universal access, security,
legislation, freedom of expression, multilingualism
and local content, infrastructure, Intellectual
Property Rights (IPRs), economic issues and social
cultural issues.

au: Oz domain name scammer declares bankruptcy
Bradley Norrish, along with business partner Chesley
Rafferty, ran an outfit called UK Internet Registry,
and three other firms, which sent 50,000 fake invoices
to domain name holders in the UK during 2003. The
information needed to mount the scam was obtained from
a data mining attack on the .uk WHOIS database.

Icann under threat as consultation closes
The future of internet domain regulator Icann hangs in
the balance as a US government consultation closes
this week.

...In its role as the voice of the individual Internet
users, ALAC firmly believes that the current
multi-stakeholder framework at ICANN should be further
strengthened to allow more proactive involvement of
end-users. The process to full participation of
individual users through the ALAC/RALO (Regional
At-Large Organization) mechanism is being undertaken
at this moment. There is, however, a lack of
incentives for the participants, especially a lack of
direct involvement at the decision-making levels of
ICANN. Therefore, we think that ICANN should find ways
to implement adequate representation of individual
users at the decision-making levels of ICANN so that a
real multi-stakeholder framework is achieved.

uk: Frosty relations between Icann and Nominet begin
to thaw
Internet regulatory body Icann has confirmed an
exchange of letters with Nominet, the registry
responsible for .uk internet domains.

ICANN Nominating Committee Extends Deadline for
Submissions to 1 August 2006
ICANN's Nominating Committee (NomCom) announced today
that it has extended its deadline for Statements of
Interest to 1 August 2006 (23:59 GMT).

ICANN Begins the Consultation Process for the July
2007 - June 2010 Strategic Plan
As part its annual planning cycle, ICANN is seeking
input from members of the community on issues that
need to be considered for the July 2007 - June 2010
Strategic Plan. Questions for the initial phase of the
consultation can be found here. ICANN welcomes
responses in English, Spanish, French or Arabic.
Consultation will continue over the coming months with
a view to having the plan approved by the Board at the
Sao Paulo meeting in December. 

Netcraft July 2006 Web Server Survey
In the July 2006 survey we received responses from
88,166,395 sites, an increase of 2.87 million (3.25%)
from last month. The Internet continues to see strong
hostname growth, and has now gained 14.1 million
hostnames (19%) in 2006 for an average increase of
more than 2 million per month.

eu: More Than Two Million .EU Internet Addresses
EURid announced in a press release that .eu has become
the third largest Internet top-level domain in Europe
since the general launch of the European Internet
top-level domain .eu in April this year, more than two
million Internet address ending with .eu have been

eu: Logs show that the .eu database of domain names
was not leaked (news release)
EURid has conducted extensive in-depth investigations
into the issue reported on our public website
yesterday, stating that for a limited time it was
technically possible for registrars to extract lists
of .eu domain names that were not registered via

EURid removes the possibility of gathering lists of
domain names (news release)
As a part of EURid?s service, it is possible for
registrars to get information about the domain names
they have registered via the on-line registration
interface. Until recently, this feature was returning
more information than strictly needed, namely the
sequence number of the domain name asked for and by
using this sequence number registrars were able to
extract lists of names.

cn: The prospects for Chinese domain names
Recently, the State Council promulgated the catalog of
first batch of state-level non-material cultural
heritages, and altogether 518 heritages of ten
categories including folk literature and folk music
are included in the catalog. Meanwhile, the Law of the
People's Republic of China on the Protection of
Intangible Cultural Heritage has been included in the
NPC 2007 legislation agenda. It has become a common
sense for people to protect the non-material cultural
heritages of our nation.

Six Figure Sale of CreditCare.com and Highest .US Sale
Ever Reported Headline Continuing Surge in Domain
Business is supposed to slow down in the summer, but
you wouldn't know it from the ongoing boom in the
domain market. Still another six-figure sale headlines
our latest Top 20 chart, this one coming from
GreatDomains where CreditCare.com commanded $125,000.
The same venue also posted the second biggest .net
sale of the year, ringing up $56,500 for Bingo.net.
Only Sex.net was higher, going for $454,500 last

pl: ICANN Inks Agreement on DNS Root Zone Management
NASK, the registry for .pl domain, and ICANN have
reached an agreement on the licensing of the
NASK-developed 'e-IANA' root zone management software.

us: Growth strains supply of names for Web sites
As the last meadows and vacant lots disappear from
inland boomtowns, some of the businesses sprouting up
there find themselves jostling for space even on the
virtual landscape of the Internet.

kr: Landscape Changes in kr Domain Market (sub req'd)
The number of kr domain service filings fell in the
first half of this year, while that of service
providers registered for such service increased in
late last year, reflecting the change in landscape of
the kr domain market.

Taking Care of Business: Is Ari Goldberger the Domain
Industry's Ultimate Entrepreneur?
I?ve always been fascinated by entrepreneurs, a
special breed of people who have the guts to take
great risks and the ability to create something out of
nothing. The great ones have remarkable tenacity and
an unwavering will to succeed. Many endure great
hardship and experience multiple failures before
finally tasting success. The domain business is full
of people like this and I think the chance to be
around them, more than any other factor, is what drew
me into this industry and continues to make it more
exciting that any other field I can imagine.

uk: International efforts are failing to stop child
sex abuse images on the internet
Child sex abuse images on the internet are increasing
in number and international efforts to bring the
situation under control are failing, according to a
new report launched today (July 5) by leading
children?s charity NCH. The charity is calling for a
new global body to tackle the problem head on.

au: Porn sites shut
AUSTRALIA'S media watchdog has sought the removal of
almost 250 pornographic web pages and other internet
postings over the first four months of this year.

au: Big Brother crackdown fall-out
Australian internet companies could be forced offshore
if the Federal Government introduces tough new rules
for live broadcasts over the web, industry and user
groups warned.

au: Internet censorship
Communications Minister Helen Coonan has made
international headlines by announcing she'll consider
regulating the internet in response to the furore over
the web streaming of late night sexual activities on
TV Show Big Brother.

au: Young crime fighters log on
SCHOOL students are thinking up ingenious ways to
fight cyber crime, for the Crime Stoppers Youth
Challenge. More than 1700 students and 130 classes or
groups have already registered for the challenge,
which awards cash prizes.

nz: Girls put at risk on net
A Press investigation has revealed teenage schoolgirls
are posing in cyberspace using log-on names such as
dirtykitty and candyeyes in forums that can be
accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

cn: Internet controls tightened further
Supervision of internet blogs will be tightened, the
State Council has announced, while one of the
mainland's most popular liberal chat-room forums has
been told to tone down comments on sensitive topics in
further signs of increased control of the internet.

au: Optus porn payout slashed
OPTUS has had a damages payout reduced on appeal in a
case which exposed its role as a key player in the
global internet pornography trade.

us: FBI plans new Net-tapping push
The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would
require Internet service providers to create
wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force
makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for

us: Iternet Providers Gain Varied Support to Fight
Child Porn
It is against the law and it is just wrong. Such was
the general opinion expressed last week among those
questioned about the sexual exploitation of children.
At the same time, praise was offered for a group of
major Internet service providers that announced plans
to, by the end of this year, establish a database
specifically designed to combat child pornography.

au: Crown prosecutor charged over child porn
A senior prosecutor who heads the NSW government's
Youth Justice Advisory Committee has stood down after
being charged with possessing child pornography.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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