[DNS] Secondary Market

[DNS] Secondary Market

From: Darryl <dassa§dhs.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 07:27:54 +1000
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|> > |> > You can read this as to say, No, there are other domain spaces which
|> > |> > don't have secondary markets allowed in their policies and that some
|> > |> > people disregard the .au policies as they see a secondary market as
|> > |> > means of developing their personal finances.
|> > |>
|> > |> Oh yeah god forbid anyone in this industry making a profit.
|> >
|> > Nothing wrong with making a profit, but exploiting markets and doing the 
|> > wrong thing isn't the best way to do so.
|> >
|> and of course like all good lefties, they think they are uniquely
|> to determine what is "wrong" and "right". of course they fall back to mob 
|> rule when you question there attempts to stiffle freedom. thats mob rule 
|> where the majority can vote in theft, killing and arbitrary
|> destruction simply because there is more of them under the rubric of

I sincerely wish your posts were easier to understand Vic, it is very
difficult to follow your thinking with your writing style.  I'm not trying to
say I know best.  But I am attempting to put my views forward and debating
them and others.  My opinions and views are not set in stone, I'm always
willing to consider the opinions of others but I will not just accept
something because you or someone else puts it forward.

|> > |> There are a couple of ways to get around this moronic rule,
|> > |> such as leasing the domain name to another party, or just
|> > |> register another business name and transfer it when you sell
|> > |> the business for the value of the domain name.
|> >
|> > You sound as if you are proud you are breaking the rules or the spirit of

|> > the rules.  It is people such as yourself that make restrictions
necessary.  If
|> > everyone could be counted on to do the right thing there wouldn't be a
|> and again lefties seem to like to think they know best about what is right 
|> and wrong. as though "right thing" was written in stone somewhere.

I don't know what lefties may think but I do know I won't just accept what you
or anyone else may put forward without due consideration.

|> lefties are generally selfish self indulgent know it alls that have no 
|> respect for people and fairness.

Really Vic, you should know better than to put forward such generalisations.

|> > > |> I have done this in the past and still do it today, and
|> > |> there is nothing going to stop me, period. Simply because
|> > |> there are 'real world' laws that prevent one entity from
|> > |> restricting another entity in this fashion.
|> >
|> > I assure you, if you continue to break rules and flaunt regulations then 
|> > you will be taken to task over it at some point.  Personally, I'd make a
|> > of never dealing with any company you are associated with and making sure

|> > people I know will not deal with you.
|> way to go dazza, lets boycott all capitalists. maybe charlie should put up
|> page informing people that they shouldnt deal with you to see how you like 
|> it.

He can do so if he wishes, as he is so keen on putting forward the word
defamation, he would be well advised to make sure such a page didn't defame.

For someone who is always touting business freedoms you seem to have some sort
of objection to a basic business freedom, deciding who you will do business
with.  Are you saying people should be forced to do business with anyone
despite their personal opinions?

|> > |> One thing I'd like to know, why has no registrar ever
|> > |> challenged auDA only appointing 1 registry operator?
|> > |>
|> > |> I have only ever really seen one registrar in this industry
|> > |> with any sort of balls making waves.
|> > |>
|> > |> > The policy helps to keep the name space available as intended.
|> the policy keeps the name space idle and unused. its massively inefficient 
|> system with little merit. its a complete and utter faillure  designed to
|> self indulgent lefties content with the feeling of having stiffled fair
|> yet again. or pretending what a great thing they have done with mutual back

|> slaping and congratulations.

The namespace is growing at a reasonable pace.  There you go again with the
lefties comments.  Do you think everyone who disagrees with you is a lefty and
has all these traits you keep trotting out?  Mustn't be many people around who
aren't lefties in your opinion. 

|> there is not a single thing of merit in the rules other then the massaging 
|> the egos of latter day communists.

Lefties and communists, keep looking under the bed Vic.  Never know when they
might try and sneak out.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 
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