[DNS] asn.au too difficult to transfer

[DNS] asn.au too difficult to transfer

From: Ian Smith <smithi§nimnet.asn.au>
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 19:26:22 +1000 (EST)
On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, Tim Malone wrote:

 > .asn.au domains are no different from the others - and the transfer
 > process is pretty straight forward if you can access the e-mail sent to
 > the registrant contact.
 > There is probably another side to this story, because I doubt Melbourne
 > IT would shove off a simple transfer order.

Since Regime Change, MelbIT has never seemed too keen on registering
.asn.au domains.  One only has to check http://www.whatsinaname.com.au/
to see the degree of discouragement offered :) 

Our domain was 'accidentally' assigned to MelbIT as Registrar of Record
when the registry was first setup, from Connect West - who as I recall
weren't up to speed by the changeover - due I then understood to asn.au
previously having been managed by Connect West with distinctive database
procedures to MelbIT, who then covered most other 2ld.au's, and it took
some ongoing correspondence to get it moved back to CW at that time. 

History aside, I don't see why it should be a problem these days though.

Cheers, Ian

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 > Three weeks ago I submitted a form to Melbourne IT to transfer an
 > .asn.au domain to them. The form was the "Melbourne IT authorisation
 > form to change your .au registrar to Melbourne IT" (Form 5A Change
 > registrar)
 > After chasing this for two weeks (I gave them one week to arrange
 > it themselves), I was told that they didn't do the transfer of
 > .asn.au domains anymore because of the time and paperwork it took.
 > Right now I'm going to pay the bill for it at the old registrar
 > again... Is this just bad blood between the two registrars or is
 > this a normal problem with asn.au domains?
 > Edwin
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