[DNS] Secondary Market & Monetisation

[DNS] Secondary Market & Monetisation

From: David Jones <dj_david_jones§yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 05:51:12 +0100 (BST)
Thanks for everyone for answering my questions it has
been very interesting

Here are some thoughts.

While it is widely publised that some domains go for
large amounts of money I would like to point out that
this is not the norm. In fact most domains sell for
less than a 1000 US which is a fair return on a 10
cost price and affordable for those who have needs in
that domain.

I find that it is domain monetisation which is more of
a hinderance to obtaining a domain that a company
wants. I personally have a brand running under a
.com.au of which I want to buy the .com however is is
owned by a well known company that will not sell it to
me as they are running it as a monetisation site.

I found auDA review of monetisation very interesting
as I feel this will be a greater threat to the
development of the au namespace. Basically it is
saying "Yes go ahead and register what you want" to
the larger domain companies, many of which are
Australian. Will we see a noticeable increase in
domain sales this month? (VIC? LARRY?).

Personally if I had the money I would be registering
like crazy. I mean how long does it take to set up a
monetisation site. I think I could pop out 1 every
hour, probably faster once the system is in place.
Take a look at fabulous for example.

What happens to the poor business that finds his name
is being used already by a domainer? Under the current
auDA policy and lack of seconday market he is not
allowed to purchase said domain from the domainer
directly. Now the question is do you develop your
brand knowing that you can't buy the domain and
knowing that the bigger your brand becomes the more
valuable it becomes for the domainer.

Please don't suggest that you can put in a complaint
to auda or use auDRP or a trademark dispute. A
complaint to auDA will not stand up as auDA has
sanctioned monetisation as a legitimate reason for
holding the domain which basically rules out auDRP. If
you hold the trademark and they breach it then you
have the possibiliy of winning the dispute however for
a new business and a new brand unfortunately it is
first come first served ie) if you applied for a
trademark after the domain was registered then I think
they have more rights than you.

With this new ruling I would suggest the secondary
market has to be actioned soon. I would suggest it
would have less affect on the number of registrations
than "monetisation". In fact the current auDA policy
does not allow the registration of a domain for the
purpose of onselling, I see no harm in keeping that
and it would be difficult to put forward to auDA the
concept that "selling domains" is my business model so
I should be able to register what I want under "close
and substantial" as was the case with the
"monetisation" policy.


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