[DNS] *.com.au & *.au.com.au

[DNS] *.com.au & *.au.com.au

From: James Davis <james§tekscape-its.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 14:21:04 +0800
Hi Chris,
        As stated before, when the network setup, they followed MS best 
practices in regards to client config etc. We've got the work around on the 
table - both short and long term. I was simply appalled that these domains 
were released, especially knowing how some people would capitalise upon 
them, Especially considering the email that was sent by the registrant 
regarding domain monetisation.

In addition, it's more than just ONE company, we confirmed with numerous 
other external clients.
Sorry to have bought it into a public forum, but as stated my comments and 
so forth are not representative of my clients.
I would perhaps suggest that Auda, following the release of these domains 
make a more public statement, including the details of how this can affect 
systems that have been set up with the design practices supplied by MS.

In saying this, I don't disagree that the system was not setup ideally, but 
honestly how many "perfect" networks are there out there?

Kind Regards
James Davis

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I would have to agree with Kim on this. Not allowing domain names to be
registered because of a failure of a certain company to implement their
DNS resolver appropriately (or at least with easy to use options to make
it behave rationally) is not the way to address the issue.

Where is the motivation for the company to fix their resolver?

In the mean time there are workarounds described in the pages linked
from the original post that affected organisations can deploy.

RFC1535 and RFC1536 both covered off on this issue back in 1993 with
suggestions on how resolver implementers should fix the problem. It is
appalling that 13 years later the situation still has not been addressed
by a certain company. (Although the situation is slightly different, in
that the system of 2LDs in use in .au changes the local/public
boundaries as compared to the GTLD space, however if we can have region
specific locales and date formats then having region specific (domain
specific) resolver behaviour should not be too much to ask for)

Given that auDA is amongst the last ccTLD's to release names of this
nature, the solution has been described in RFCs for 13 odd years and
that clearly the problem has been around (and subsequently addressed by
MOST resolvers) in the GTLD space for at least that long (check out the
* record on edu.com for example). I don't believe that the decision made
by auDA to release these names was made without consideration.

In the mean time, I am aware that auDA are actually in contact with the
registrant of the two mentioned domains and are going to make it clear
to them that the wildcard records are to be removed and that continuing
to use the domain in the way that it is currently being used would
result in the registration being revoked.


Chris Wright

Chief Technology Officer

AusRegistry Pty Ltd


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