[DNS] aucd

[DNS] aucd

From: James Davis <james§tekscape-its.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 15:05:51 +0800
Ok, So they're an auDA funded/setup company

Well I guess I'm to eat my words.. wow. talk about domain monetisation 

Can anyone explain to me the justification of charging a $550 fee? Is it to 
keep the domain registrations to a minimal level? Is it to recoup the setup 

I'm not trying to be condescending or anything, just trying to understand 
the justification for it.


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>> I can understand $65/$99 for it, the $550 fee charged by
>> auDA*cough*aucd.org*cough* how ever, is blatent false advertising,
>> and misleading.
> Not really... the $550 actually goes to the community domains mob...
> the registrar does indeed only get their little fee on top.  It's insanely
> ridiculous, but that's the way it works.  I'm sure I could have thought
> of much more interesting ways to blow a million dollars that to create
> this miserable organisation.
> Aside from that, if a customer goes to one of these registrars and asks
> about community domains, they are fully expected to "pass their client
> on", and then hope that after they've been approved, they come back.
> Obviously, any registrar with a brain will instead encourage them to
> buy something else.  Something that is cheaper to the registrant, more
> recognisable to visitors, and more profitable to registrars (ie, ANY
> OTHER domain type!)
> I cannot believe anyone would want one of these domains - and am
> even more surprised that any registrar bothered supporting them... I
> just hope that when it collapses (as it inevitably will,) that they don't
> expect further auDA funding.
> Cheers,
> Kirk
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