[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

[DNS] pseudocracy gone mad aucd

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 07:55:31 +1000
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> I'm quite bemused by Vic's criticisms of the auDA
> Foundation and his comment:
> "its very easy to be charitable with other peoples
> money. it would be a feather in their caps if it was
> their own money, or donated voluntarily."
> Yet it's the right's ideological heroes who pursue
> private giving and the withdrawl of the state from
> service provision.
> It's the right who is gung ho on giving by trusts,
> estates and foundations and not through taxation.
> So, do you mean to say that our current government,
> and the neo-cons in America, are just too left wing
> for you Vic?
> If you had any knowledge of philanthropy Vic you'd
> hang your head in shame at your comments.

well I am quite bemused by your quiet confidence in government. its entirely 

government is the last organisation in the world upon which we should depend 
on for philantropy. it is a vastly slow, inefficient, wasteful and 
redistributes against the wishes of many from whom it steals and makes no 
effort to determine if its handouts and favors actually have any real benefit 
or just create a class of handout victims.

for your information david, I sponsor numerous projects, so dont accuse me of 
not having any knowledge of philantropy.

"look not for government to solve your problems, government is the problem".
                            Ronald Reagan.
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