[DNS] Licence Period

[DNS] Licence Period

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 08:48:17 +0930
> typosquating is registration in bad faith. this is already covered in .au 
> and .com
> maybe I am missing something?
> Vic

Yes, they are using the fact they are a registrar to pull this off, they 
also monetize millions of domains, something they would have trouble doing 
if they were not a registrar.

Overall Dotster will claim they are making as much money as they can 'within 
the rules' which is why we need to make sure 'the rules' in .au are tight.

I beleive Chelsea got done in the UK for harvesting the whois data .. If he 
were a registrar It may have been a little more difficult to tag him.

Cheers Tony 
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