[DNS] domain name & governance news - 21 August

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 21 August

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Net's ruling body renews US links

Internet Domain Agency Renews U.S. Contract

Can US Control Over the Web be Untangled?

ICANN: Comments Sought on Technical Checks Used for
DNS Root Zone Changes

cn: Chinese domain name sells for $160,000

Domain Name, wrestling.com, Sells for $500,000

HomeImprovement.com Hammers Out $166,000 Sale To Head
This Week's Top 20

au: Rafferty's rules at work again in domain

au: Qld Labor wins website shutdown

au: auDA's members overwhelmingly approve
constitutional changes (news release)

DNS could slow broadband service

Net's ruling body renews US links
The US looks set to maintain its role as ultimate
supervisor of the net's addressing systems until 2011.
The US Department of Commerce has signed a five-year
deal with administrative body Icann that renews the
body's role overseeing net domains.

Internet Domain Agency Renews U.S. Contract
The agency that supervises Internet domain names,
Icann, has renewed its contract with an arm of the
United States Department of Commerce to administer the
technical workings of the global computer network.

NTIA Aawards contract for management of key internet
functions to ICANN (news release)
The Commerce Department?s National Telecommunications
and Information Administration today announced the
award of a sole source contract to ICANN to perform
technical functions supporting the Internet Domain
Name system.

Can US Control Over the Web be Untangled?
The US government has renewed its contract with the
Internet overseeing company ICANN to manage technical
functions for the Internet's DNS. ICANN has been
granted exclusive rights, for no consideration, to run
the so-called IANA function until 2011, although the
contract is subject to annual review and renewal.

ICANN: Comments Sought on Technical Checks Used for
DNS Root Zone Changes
When performing its IANA Root Zone Management
function, ICANN staff performs a series of tests on
supplied name server technical data beforethey are
entered into the root. We are seeking to review the
tests, and comments are sought on what technical
requirements are suitable for this service in the

cn: Chinese domain name sells for $160,000
A sale of Chinese Internet domain names netted more
than $160,000 on Friday in what organizers said was
the biggest such auction yet in the computer-crazy

Domain Name, wrestling.com, Sells for $500,000
Communicate.com Inc. has sold the domain name,
wrestling.com, for US$500,000, in a private

HomeImprovement.com Hammers Out $166,000 Sale To Head
This Week's Top 20
This was quite a day (August 8) at Moniker.com. The
company announced the $166,650 sale of
HomeImprovement.com and CEO Monte Cahn told us they
also had a sale above $750,000 that could not be
released due to a non disclosure agreement. Oh yes,
one other thing...the company was sold.

au: Rafferty's rules at work again in domain
auDA warned domain name registrants about letters and
faxes offering registration of the net.au equivalent
of registrants' com.au domain name for AU$225.

au: Qld Labor wins website shutdown
THE ALP has won a Queensland Supreme Court injunction
to shut down a defamatory website about Premier Peter
Beattie and former party members.

au: Proposed .au Internet Domain Review (news release)
The Minister for Communications, Information
Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, today
announced a review into the policy, administrative and
regulatory arrangements that underpin the operation of
the .au Internet domain.

au: auDA's members overwhelmingly approve
constitutional changes (news release)
The overwhelming vote in support of changes to auDA?s
constitution at yesterday?s EGM marked a positive step
forward for the Internet in Australia according auDA?s
CEO, Chris Disspain.

DNS could slow broadband service
A broadband provider's claim of superfast speeds may
only be as good as its weakest link, which could be
its domain name server software. A report issued
Thursday by Nominum, a company that sells DNS server
software, indicated that some broadband service
providers need to bulk up their DNS servers to ensure
that broadband users actually get all the benefits of
their high-speed connections.

Thousands of fi-domain names to expire in September
Approximately 14,000 fi-domain names are to become
obsolete as of 1 September, according to a press
release from the Finnish Communications Regulatory
Authority (Ficora) on Friday. Some 65 per cent of the
41,000 fi-domain names awarded before 1 September 2003
have so far been renewed.

vn: Public allowed to register .vn domains
Both domestic and international organisations have
been able to register internet domain names ending in
.vn from 4.30pm on Monday, says the Viet Nam Internet
Network Information Centre.

India, China Come Together for IPv6
In a significant development, the IPv6 Forum India, a
non-profit, non-governmental registered organization,
has reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with the China IPv6 Council. The association is
particularly crucial as it is expected to enable
knowledge sharing and deployment of IPv6 in both

dotMobi To Auction Top-Drawer Names
mTLD has announced its plans for trademarks containing
common words...the domains will be set aside and
trademark owners will need to show their brand
connection to the words to have the domain removed
from the list and registered with them ? companies
will need to have registered their marks before 11
July 2004 or have used them for five years ?in good

Go Daddy Offers CashParking for Domain Names
GoDaddy.com is offering CashParking. Parked pages are
the web sites displayed when the registrant of a
domain name has not yet posted a developed site.

Sedo Revamps Domain Parking Program
Sedo has announced new features and a restructuring of
its domain parking program, designed to deliver
greater profitability to any domain name holder.

Issues around domain names
OPINION: Someone once told me that domain names will
one day be as valuable as land and how right they
were. Everyone now knows that domain names are
strongly associated with organisations? identities and
a good domain name can in certain circumstances be
akin to a home with a view.

SnapNames auctioning domain names
SnapNames has expanded its secondary domain name
marketplace reach by launching a new public auctions
service, the company said.

uk: Net censorship 'morally unacceptable', report says
The UK Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee
recently issused a report in which it stated that
"search engines' agreement to block the access of
computer users to certain information (in China) was
'morally unacceptable'".

au: Northern Sydney suburbs schools lead the way in
Internet safety
Northern suburbs schools, Brookvale Public and Monte
Sant? Angelo Mercy College were today announced as
winners of NetAlert's CyberSafe School Awards for
Excellence.  The inaugural national competition
recognises schools that demonstrate best practice in
online safety and is proudly supported by leading
online media company ninemsn.

eu: Call to act over extremist sites
Europe faces 'real' and 'persistent' threat from
terrorism, Reid warns.

us: Using Nearly Nude Pictures, Child Sex Sites Test
Web sites for pedophiles offer explicit images of
children who are covered by bits of clothing to avoid
child pornography charges.

uk: Computer expert faces jail over 'made-up' child
porn images
A COMPUTER expert who altered indecent images of naked
women to make them look like children has been warned
that he faces a prison sentence.

kr: In South Korea, online rumors can hit hard
Kim Myong Jae's estranged girlfriend was found dead in
her room in Seoul on April 22 last year, six days
after she poisoned herself. Two weeks later, Kim, a
30-year-old accountant, found that he had been
transformed into the No. 1 hate figure of South
Korea's Internet community, a victim of a growing
problem in a country that boasts the world's highest
rate of broadband use.

jp: Internet crimes hit record high in Japan
The number of Internet-related crimes in Japan in the
first six months of this year hit a record high,
according to data issued Thursday by the National
Police Agency. The NPA said there were 1,802 cases of
such crimes in the first half of 2006, which is up 12
percent on the same period last year. The largest
number of cases involved fraud related to computer
networks. Most of these cases, which accounted for
about 40 percent of all Internet-related crimes, were
linked to Internet auction sites, the NPA said.

nl: Dateless Dutch farmers vent anger over porn
A DUTCH dating website for farmers has taken Google to
court for listing sponsored links to pornographic
sites when you enter the site's name into the search

au: Website scars top surgeon
A PROMINENT plastic surgeon from the eastern suburbs
has won his case against a website designer over
unacceptable nudity and bad grammar.

us: US judge rules wiretaps illegal
President Bush says the taps are a much-needed device
A secret wiretapping scheme brought in as part of the
Bush administration's war on terror is
unconstitutional and must stop, a federal judge has

Waging War Against Click Fraud
As fraud undermines faith in pay-per-click Web ads,
search engines, advertisers, and Web hosts are
wrangling over what to do

Spyware's Growing Arsenal
Purveyors of malware are increasingly harnessing the
popularity of social networks and Web video to infect

nz: Concern at Three Key Myths Print this page
"InternetNZ is concerned at three key myths which are
emerging in response to yesterday's announcements of
telecommunications regulatory reform," said InternetNZ
President Colin Jackson today.

YouTube takes on music giants with free video
A little over a year ago it did not exist. Today it is
viewed more than 100m times a day and has become one
of the most spectacular success stories of the
internet in recent years.

Twenty-four million pay for VoIP: Key to success?
Don't call it VoIP
Twenty-four million people worldwide pay to use retail
VoIP services, new research has shown. The number of
retail VoIP subscribers jumped more than 80 per cent
to 18.7 million during 2005 - or 24 million if you add
users of PC-to-phone services such as Skype, according
to Point Topic's IP Telephony report.

au: VoIP payphone ready to roll
A new generation of internet pay phones are ready to
hit the streets in Australia, wrapping broadband
access and IP telephony into a single device.


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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