[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

From: Jon Lawrence <jon§jonlawrence.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:39:16 +0100

Do you agree with the concept of user-pays?


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>Tony Owen [tony&#167;seol.net.au] wrote:
>> > look at it this way, by not allowing tasting you are forcing monetisers
>> > to sit on names far longer then need be.
>> I maybe wrong, but only Registrars are able to 'taste' effectively?
>> Tasting ties up millions of domain names in the US currently, which makes
>> hard for people who want to create 'content' sites to find a decent name.
>according to what evidence?
>> If the internet were all ads, then it wouldn't be the resource most people
>> want it to be. AUDA should simply take a poll to the people .. 'do you
>> to see more ad pages on the internet?' ... if the outcome is a 'yes'
>> support monetising and tasting.
>sorry thats not the way it works in a free society, you dont just cancel
>freedoms because some people dont like it. freedoms must remain unless
>is some demonstrable harm.
>when someone is capable of demonstrating some harm as opposed to some
>dislike then we can have a debate about appropriate measures.
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