[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

[DNS] free society Re: Licence Period

From: Tony Owen <tony§seol.net.au>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 23:46:54 +0930
> you seem to think registrars exist outside the free market. supply and 
> demand
> sets pricing. if a registrar can someone manage to get a higher price for
> domains then that is not harm.
> its called a free market, maybe you need to learn about how it operates.

Registrars are not operating in a 'free' market. They are reselling domain 
names on behalf of the government. If you want a operate in a free market, 
then create a product of your own and see if the m,arket wants to pay your 
price, don't resell for the government.

According to your logic, Motor Vehicle registrations could be set at $10,000 
a year ! and yes we would have to pay it.  You cant buy a domain name thru 
anyone else but a government appointed Registrar just as you cant Register a 
car from a non government appointed registration branch. It is therefore not 
a 'free market' In fact AUDA should run ad's with data similiar to what is 
at "what's in a name"

> unless you can actually demonstrate some harm from domain tasting, which
> nobody has yet done, I am not going to respond to anymore of these posts.
> feel free to have the last word.

I already have in previous posts.

Sorry, most don't agree with your view, so really nothing to see here .. 
move on.

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