[DNS] [SPAM] Re: dineonline.com.au

[DNS] [SPAM] Re: dineonline.com.au

From: Vic Cinc <vicc§cia.com.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 19:18:35 +1000
do we really need this level of hysteria? for your information parking pages with ads have always been allowed, it is not possible for auda to ban them under the current rules or the rules prior to recognition as a legit claim.

note auda has absolutely no jurisdiction over the content of a web site. none zero zip zilch.

all it can specify is claims in relation to a name.

you write a policy and Ill show you how to break it.

dont like the ads on parked pages, then dont click on them they will quickly disapear. 


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  Cheers, my humour is dry, and over-exagerated, and while my content is serious, I try and humourously exaggerate my standpoint for the value of a laugh.


  I am glad to see that both yourself and Ausregistry are impartial and invite constructive argument.


  My main point is, advertising-only pages on a site is not a legitimate use, no matter how anyone (Even Vic) dresses it up.


  It is camping, it is junk mail, it is a pollution of our e-commerce playing field. Instead of a nice level playing field with nicely cut grass we will be forced to sidestep beer bottles and other rubbish thrown onto the field from the grandstand during play by irresponsible spectators, speculators and punters.yourself.
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