[DNS] dineonline.com.au

[DNS] dineonline.com.au

From: Lea de Groot <dotau.org§elysiansystems.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 18:03:16 +1000
Jon Lawrence wrote:
>> JON: Its simple, I suggest rolling back this policy to disallow
>> advertising and camping, it is the ONLY responsible use.
> Ok.  What would your allocation policy say to achieve that?

Its an interesting question.
I wonder what the implications of something like 'within 3 months of 
domain name allocation a website with original content must exist'.
But anything is going to be difficult to measure, particularly 
What about:
'a .au site must consist of more than one page or have no third party 
paid links'

I don't like what I am seeing as a result of the recent relaxation 
either. :(

Lea de Groot
Elysian Systems
Brisbane, Australia
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