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From: Charlie McCormack <charlie§mccormack.net.au>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 20:28:30 +1000
> I wonder what the implications of something like 'within 3 months of
> domain name allocation a website with original content must exist'.
> But anything is going to be difficult to measure, particularly
> automatically.
> What about:
> 'a .au site must consist of more than one page or have no third party
> paid links

There are real world laws that prevent this kind of restriction, it will
never happen, at least not in the next 10 years, governments have more
pressing issues, such as hospitals, transport, aging population etc.

You can't tell people how to run their business so long as it's not breaking
any current laws, and while auda require an ABN, ACN, etc (meaning a
business), it's got its balls tied by business and corporate laws when
making decisions.....Period.

It's this simple, you can't tell anyone how to advertise online, or what
content they can display so long as it does not break the C'th Broadcasting
Services Amendment (Online Services) Act or the C'th Classification Act, or
the State/Territory Classification Acts.

What you want, can't and never will happen without amendment to many laws,
that's a lot of co-operation between many departments, state and federal.

You're just blowing smoke....

Let's get back to relaxing the rules (not laws) even more, lol
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