[DNS] Monetised

[DNS] Monetised

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I will also rephrase it for you AGAIN, so maybe others like yourself can
just stop bitching

Cybersquatting is often incorrectly used to refer to the sale or purchase of
generic domain names such as shoes.com; where a covetous party has designs
on unseating the entity that was first to register.

Basically you are upset that you were not intelligent enough to think of it
first and have to resort to bitching/sulking like a spoiled little baby.



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I'll rephrase that shall I, just to keep you on topic

> Try it yourself. Think of a word.
> girls.com.au
> broom.com.au
> triple.com.au
> tarts.com.au
> recipe.com.au
> animalfarm.com.au
> stars.com.au
> breakfast.com.au
> bouquets.com.au
> motorists.com.au
> mule.com.au
> party.com.au
> tiger.com.au
> sleep.com.au
> sleepover.com.au
> pinstripes.com.au
> turtles.com.au
> dwarfs.com.au
> fridges.com.au
> And do they link to any Australian content. I don't
> think so. And do they follow policy. No. It's about
> time auDA cracked down on this blatent excuse for
> registering any domain they want.

You may as well aboilish the Eligibility policy
because now it adversely affects those who wish to
register a domain but not to monetise it. The only
criteria that should exist is that you are an
Australian business or citizen. 


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