[DNS] Monetised

[DNS] Monetised

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A dwarf is a short humanoid creature in Norse mythology as well as other
Germanic mythologies, fairy tales, fantasy fiction and role-playing games.
Its plural was traditionally dwarfs, but fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien
used the plural dwarves, which has gone into general usage. Dwarves are much
like humans, but generally living underground or in mountainous areas. Here
they have heaped up countless treasures of gold, silver, and precious
stones, and pass their time in fabricating costly armour. They are famed
miners and smiths although, like humans, they specialise in any number of
trades. Generally shorter than humans, they are on average stockier and
hairier, usually sporting full beards. Dwarvish smiths created some of the
greatest and most powerful items of power in Norse mythology, such as the
magic chain which bound the wolf, Fenris.

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> Would that be walking shoes as in a covering for the
> foot be that human or
> otherwise, brake shoes, horseshoes or some other
> shoe? From my understanding
> there are over 20 different meanings for the word
> shoe.
> If you went to shoes.com.au and did not find that it
> was what you thought it
> would be, would you still be unhappy with the
> registrant for not displaying
> the information *you* expected?

Thats why there is a "reasonableness test". I have no
problem if the site  contains information relating to

Lets take for example dwarfs.com.au which has
miraculously changed its content since my last post.

As the "website" consists of 1000s of pages 


etc etc

You cannot say that the website contains predominantly
information about or related to dwarfs in whatever
context you wish to portray dwarfs as.

a) the content on a monetised website must be related
specifically and predominantly to the domain name;

I think the word here is "WEBSITE"

"A website (or web site, according to Associated Press
guidelines) is a collection of web pages, typically
common to a particular domain name or subdomain on the
World Wide Web on the Internet."

I don't care if you only have a single page or several
pages containing predominantly information related to
dwarfs. You can keep the domain and you are abiding by
the policy. However you won't make much money out of
it. But as it stands if you are using "fabulous" to
monetise these domains then every page with non dwarf
related content is diluting the information related to
dwarfs and thus reducing your entitlement to the

So do the previously mentioned domains abide by
policy. I think not


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