[DNS] Monetised

[DNS] Monetised

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By the way when you said " Who is a winner, and who is a looser" did you
mean to say "loser" instead of "looser" 

I would say that "looser" is probably the next day feeling you have after a
Saturday night.

Thank you for sharing and obviously for "taking" your fair share.


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Then show me a mission statement that states that as the PRIMARY goal!

See, this is the difference between creating something,sharing it and
taking your fair share, while enriching everyone around you in the
raping something for your own gain, and leaving nothing for others.

it's the difference between

And ultimately it defines sustainability and profitability

Thereby defining

Who is a winner, and who is a looser.

You create nothing with this attitude, and you deserve my contempt.

> " real business" the purpose of a real business is to MAKE money. What
> planet did you fall from?
> Mission statements are just another wanky way to stroke your own ego.
> mission statement of every real and "legitimate" business is to make
> money,
> otherwise you would call them a charity.
> sasha
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