[DNS] Monetised

[DNS] Monetised

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Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 18:29:24 +1000
Where did this bunch of commies come from?

Ban enetica
Ban domain sentry
Ban monetisation
Ban making money
Ban dwarf sites that have no dwarf content

How about a ban on talking shit

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> >If the domain was registered under the monetisation
> >policy a blank page does not meet the eligibilty
> >criteria. Therefore if a complaint is made
> regarding
> >the content of a monetised domain then the
> registrant
> >must comply with policy within 7 days or risk
> losing
> >the domain.
> How do you know it's a "monetised" domain name if
> there's no website?  Well
> you can't, because it's not.

I would assume that auDA would have a list of names
registered under the monetisation policy and should
audit them on occassion. In fact if you wish to
register a domain for monetisation the registrant
should be required to state that at time of


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