[DNS] Restriction of trade - Extension of thread - Monetised

[DNS] Restriction of trade - Extension of thread - Monetised

From: David Jones <dj_david_jones§yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 03:14:06 +0100 (BST)
--- Charlie McCormack <charlie&#167;mccormack.net.au>

> You sir are incredible,
> First you ask where auDA can prevent content, or
> restrict certain content
> from being displayed on a website using a domain
> name they lease to you
> (hence the reason for this discussion, restriction
> of trade), and now you go
> off in a complete different tangent.
> That would be eligibility, so you don't have to
> think for yourself and ask
> what I mean.

I think the original post was about eligibility
criteria and monetisation

> Show me in any of auDA's policies where they can
> restrict content, once you
> show me that, I'll admit defeat, until then read
> some more laws and then
> come back and battle.

Clarification of Close and Substantial Connection Rule
- Domain Monetisation (2006-03)

4.2 In addition to their obligations under auDA
Published Policies and the Registrant Agreement
(domain name licence), domainers must comply with the
following conditions of use:

a) the content on a monetised website must be related
specifically and predominantly to the domain name; and

I think they included the word CONTENT here. :-)


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