[DNS] Restriction of trade - Extension of thread - Monetised

[DNS] Restriction of trade - Extension of thread - Monetised

From: Charlie McCormack <charlie§mccormack.net.au>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:04:43 +1000
You sir are incredible,

First you ask where auDA can prevent content, or restrict certain content
from being displayed on a website using a domain name they lease to you
(hence the reason for this discussion, restriction of trade), and now you go
off in a complete different tangent.

That would be eligibility, so you don't have to think for yourself and ask
what I mean.

Show me in any of auDA's policies where they can restrict content, once you
show me that, I'll admit defeat, until then read some more laws and then
come back and battle.

auDA, can not and never will be able to restrict a business by telling them
what content they can display on a website accessed through a domain name
leased to a registrant by auDA, until the Government gives them this power,

Now, I must study for my next exam, see ya!

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> > David,
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> > Just for you, so you can enlighten yourself.
> >
> > The government holds reserve powers in relation to
> > domain names with this
> > Act.
> >
> >
> http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/Legislation/ActCompilation1.nsf/bodylodgme
> nt
> >
> attachments/790DA46F2738F924CA2571AB0019A525?OpenDocument
> >
> Yes and I am sure auDA is abiding by this act. They
> are developing industry codes and policies if you wish
> to challenge them then that is your legal right.
> Perhaps you should read.
> Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules
> for the Open 2LDs (2005-01)
> http://www.auda.com.au/policies/auda-2005-01/
> Especially section 2
> 2.1 There are no proprietary rights in the domain name
> system (DNS). A registrant does not "own" a domain
> name. Instead, the registrant holds a licence to use a
> domain name, for a specified period of time and under
> certain terms and conditions.
> under certain terms and conditions
> under certain terms and conditions
> under certain terms and conditions
> or perhaps this one.
> Registrant Warranties Policy (2005-03)
> http://www.auda.com.au/policies/auda-2005-03/
> Section A
> b) the registrant meets, and will continue to meet,
> the eligibility criteria prescribed in auDA''s
> published policies for the domain name for the
> duration of the domain name licence;
> Have fun!
> DJ
> PS. I am tired of this conversation it is going
> nowhere. As I said, I will leave it to auDA to decide.
> They have lawyers and I am sure they are well aware of
> their rights. I will simply follow their procedures
> regarding complaints and eligibility. If I do then
> that is all I can do. If you follow policy then you
> will have no worries and should have no need to defend
> yourself. I have learnt that the only way to deal with
> issues is through the official channels. On the other
> hand I have every right to make my opinion heard, even
> if it is to only several hundred subscribers to this
> list. After all this is the .au DNS Discussion List.
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