[DNS] domain name & governance news - 21 September

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 21 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 13:42:51 +1000 (EST)
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VeriSign, critics gear up for ICANN hearing (IDG)

Internet head honchos prepare for election (ICANN &

au: Aussie by any name

au: Celebrities may be able to reclaim domain from

au: Arbitrator backs claim domain name use was
'conduct in bad faith'

au: The sheriff is home on the range

New .EU domain use seen hampered by "warehousers"

VeriSign, critics gear up for ICANN hearing (IDG)
A VeriSign official defended its contract to operate
the .com domain Monday, after Network Solutions
accused ICANN of not requiring adequate security
safeguards in its registry agreements.

Internet head honchos prepare for election
Board selections for two of the internet's most
important companies are to be decided later this
month. Two directors of UK registry owner Nominet will
be chosen on 27 September at the company's annual
general meeting in London, while three board members
for US company and internet overseeing organisation
ICANN will be officially announced at around the same

ICANN Nominating Committee, Frankfurt, 17 September
2006 (news release)
All members of the ICANN Nominating Committee met in
Frankfurt, Germany from 15-17 September to make their
final selections. The committee thanks all 90
candidates and the many people who went to great
lengths to provided valuable references. The candidate
pool was of exceptional quality and we are grateful to
all who took the time and effort to contribute to this
year's process.

A Note Back to Kieren by Bret Fausett
Bret Fausett's reply to Kieran Baker, a candidate for
the NomCom, about where Bret and Kieran agree and
disagree, in the lack of transparency and openess for
the NomCom process and on the "on the release of the
names of all candidates" respectively.

Two Congressional Hearings This Week on ICANN by Bret
Congress has turned its attention to ICANN again,
holding two hearings, on opposite sides of the Capitol
Building, in one week. The Senate Commerce Committee
starts things off on Wednesday, September 20th with a
hearing titled Internet Governance: The Future of
ICANN. The House Commerce Committee follows on
Thusday, September 21st with ICANN Internet Goverance:
Is It Working? ICANN CEO Paul Twomey and the
Department of Commerce's John Kneuer will be
testifying at both hearings.

The GNSO Review by Susan Crawford
The London School of Economics review of the GNSO was
recently released by ICANN. ICANN?s comment about the
review said that the ?report will be used to inform
ICANN?s effort to develop detailed proposals for
improving the GNSO?s structures and processes. ICANN?s
Board will work with the GNSO and the ICANN community
to consider this report, along with previous reviews
and public input, in a collaborative process to
strengthen this key policy-making body.?

ICANN Ratifies Global Policy for Allocation of IPv6
At its September 7, 2006 Meeting the Board of ICANN
ratified a global policy for the allocation of IPv6
addresses by IANA to Regional Internet Registries.

ICANN Opens Public Comment Period on the Tralliance
Proposed New Registry Service (news release)
On 13 September 2006, ICANN posted for public
information a proposal submitted through the Registry
Request Service by Tralliance Corporation for a new
service known as "search.travel". ICANN has made a
preliminary determination that the Tralliance proposal
requires further consideration by the Registry
Services Technical Evaluation Panel (RSTEP) because
the proposal could raise significant Security and
Stability issues. Accordingly, today ICANN has
referred the proposal to the RSTEP.

"Miniscule" by Bret Fausett
Whatever you may have thought about Tralliance before,
you can now add "bad business people" to the list of

.MS: Alternate Root and Monoculture as Good Things By
Gadi Evron
Why shouldn't there be a .gadi TLD? Why not one for
Microsoft? This post is not about alternate roots or
why they are bad, this post is about something else.
We do need to go over some background (from my
perspective) very quickly though. ICANN has a
steel-fist control over what happens in the DNS realm.
They decide what is allowed, and who gets money from
it. Whether it's VeriSign for .com or any registrar
for the domains they sell. They decide if .gadi should
exist or not. ...What I am here to discuss is why
Microsoft, as a non-arbitrary choice this time,
indeed, of all the world, should kick it aside,
creating an alternate root while at the same time not
disturbing the world's DNS.

au: Aussie by any name
Australia polices the use of .au names strictly, and
not to the pleasure of all.

au: Celebrities may be able to reclaim domain from
The good name of footballer and TV hunk Brodie Holland
is being used -- against his will -- to market soft
pornography and a service for Australian swingers.

au: Arbitrator backs claim domain name use was
'conduct in bad faith'
It was a very nasty case," arbitrator Neil Brown QC
says. Harbord Real Estate is a real-estate agency in
Sydney with harbordrealestate.com.au as its registered
domain since October 2000. Austin Robinson, a
competing real-estate agent with an office barely 100
metres away on the same street, registered
harbordrealestate.com in October 2002. The domain
resolved to his own website at ajrobinson.com.au.

au: The sheriff is home on the range
Domain name disputes are gaining global attention: A
FEW months ago Neil Brown, former deputy leader of the
Liberal Party, settled back to watch Big Momma's
House. As the hilarious action comedy about a
cross-dressing FBI agent unfolded, Mr Brown, 66,
waited on the edge of his seat for the entrance of
Cedric Kyles, aka Cedric the Entertainer, who played
the less-than-leading role of the Reverend.

New .EU domain use seen hampered by "warehousers"
Companies owning thousands of common names for
Internet use will hold back the spread of .eu,
Europe's attempt to rival .com, campaigners said on

eu: Commissioner Reding pays first visit to managers
of Europe?s new internet domain
Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane
Reding visited EURid, the independent consortium
managing the '.eu' domain name. Commissioner Reding
was accompanied by several Members of the European
Parliament. The purpose of the visit was to understand
the way the new domain name registration system ? that
so far has attracted more than two million users ?
functions. EURid is located in Diegem, Brussels.

hu: Hungarians flock to grab "we screwed up" website
Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's blunt admission he
lied to win an election has sparked outrage, riots and
a race to claim a website over his comments. ... The
Hungarian web portal Index reported on Tuesday that
three licence requests for the elkurtuk.hu ("we
screwed up" in Hungarian) website had been submitted
to the domain registration body ISZT. ... It was
unclear whether the domain name would be approved as
Hungarian domain licensing regulations stipulate that
requests for manipulative or potentially outrageous
domain names can be rejected.

Search Service Proposed for '.travel' (AP)
Operators of the ".travel" domain name are proposing a
new search service to help guide people who mistype
Web addresses or seek nonexistent ones, reviving a
debate over how much control such organizations should
have in directing Internet traffic.

ch/li: Reduced price for domain names (news release)
SWITCH, the registry for domain names ending in .ch
and .li is reducing the annual fee for domain names
from CHF 35 to CHF 27 as of 1 November 2006.

us: American Express Sued Over Tagline (AP)
A freelance art director sued financial services
company American Express Co. and two of its
advertising agencies for trademark infringement and
other charges relating to the company's "My life. My
card." advertising campaign.

us: American Express sued over tagline
In the suit, filed on Aug. 17 in the U.S. district
court for the Southern District of New York, Thomas
O\'Keefe, a graphic designer and advertising art
director said he has been using the trademark \"My
card, my work\" since early 2003. He registered the
domain name http://www.mycardmywork.comin mid-2003,
where he showcased a sample advertising campaign with
the tagline.

Saddam.com domain name for sale
An internet domain company based in Panama is
auctioning off the domain name Saddam.com on eBay this

Templates.com Changes Hands in One of the Year's Top
Ten Sales 
Tessoro Media Limited reluctantly let go of one of
their most prized possessions this week. It took
$450,000 to persuade the company to part with a real
gem, Templates.com,.

us: Visitors council snares "dot travel" names
Now that the travel industry has its own Internet
domain ? "dot.travel" ? the Santa Cruz County
Conference and Visitors Council is getting a piece of
the action.

Britney?s boy falls prey to domain name bounty hunters
Just a day after Britney Spears' second baby was born
in Los Angeles, and several days before the name was
widely circulated in the media, websites devoted to
his name had already started getting registered.

Is Expired Domain Registration Still Profitable?
After the dot com crash, expired domain names and
expired domain name traffic have been a source of
potential income. It is important to inexpensively
obtain the automated tools required to track the
thousands of domain name registration and abandoned
websites that are removed from the domain registry and
become available for purchase.

ie: Novara in major domain reseller deal
Dublin-based hosting company Novara has won a contract
to develop the .ie domain registration API
(application programming interface) for international
domain player Register.com?s reseller division.

uk: Banned spy novel published on net
Sacked spy Richard Tomlinson has defied the UK's
secret services by posting the first chapter of his
spy novel online.

Google News hit by Belgian ban
GOOGLE has been told by a Belgian court that its news
service is in breach of the copyright of a group of
local newspapers, in a surprise ruling that flies
against existing global practice.

be: Google loses in Belgian court (Reuters)
A Belgian court has ordered Google to stop reproducing
articles from French-speaking newspapers in the news
section of one of its Belgian Web sites, a local press
organization said.

Porn sites exploit new IE flaw
Miscreants are using an unpatched security bug in
Internet Explorer to install malicious software from
rigged Web sites, experts warned Tuesday.

fr: Can Internet criticism of Mideast news footage be
In a somber, wood-paneled courtroom of the Palais de
Justice, French judges in black robes and linen
cravats are carefully examining harrowing television
images of a Palestinian father shielding his son from
a burst of bullets. ... He said the station's lawyers
had gathered information about a variety of Web sites
that they believed were defamatory and had submitted
complaints to the French judicial system, which then
determined who could be pursued legally.

au: Child porn tip-off denied
The newly-selected Liberal Party candidate for the NSW
state seat of Epping, prosecutor Greg Smith, has
defended his conduct in relation to a colleague
charged with child pornography offences.

au: Liberal candidate under fire over porn case
EMBATTLED New South Wales prosecutor and Liberal Party
candidate Greg Smith may have breached his office's
code of conduct, according to legal advice tabled in
State Parliament.

au: Filth and loathing: a grubby smear campaign
The NSW Government has accused the Liberal Party's
candidate for Epping, Greg Smith, SC, of being "soft
on child sex offenders" in his role as deputy director
of public prosecutions.

au: Police arrest over $0.5m net fraud
A 24-year-old woman is facing multiple fraud charges
after allegedly using the internet to extract more
than half a million dollars from another woman.

us: Gonzales: ISPs must keep records on users
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday stepped
up his efforts to lobby for federal laws requiring
Internet providers to keep track of what their
customers do online.

zw: Internet Shuts Down After Gov't Fails to Pay the
Government failure to pay a US$700,000 bill to a
satellite company has brought Zimbabwe's internet
services to a virtual standstill, further isolating a
country grappling with food shortages, chronic
unemployment and the world's highest inflation rate.

ie: Ireland brings case against data retention to
The Irish government has filed its case against the
European Union's data retention directive in the
European Court of Justice. Although it backs the
principles of data retention, Ireland is arguing that
the process used to pass the controversial Directive
is wrong.

Crime rings discover spam
AUSTRALIAN telecommunications companies have been told
to "harden" their networks against spam from eastern
European crime syndicates, with authorities warning
that junk email has taken a sinister turn.

Anti-spam group undeterred by bulk mailer's court
victory (AP)
The head of an organization that fights unwanted bulk
e-mail said Friday that an Illinois company will
remain on its block list despite a court order and a
steep monetary judgment.

Spamhaus rejects $11 million US judgment
Anti-spam group Spamhaus has ignored a ruling from an
Illinois court granting an $11 million claim against
it. The London-based group says it will only answer to
a UK court judgment.

Worldwide DSL Use Up 38 Percent
Worldwide use of DSL broadband technology for Internet
access rose 38 percent to 164 million users in the 12
months ended June 30, boosted by strong growth in the
European Union, an industry trade group said Tuesday.

34 per cent DSL subscriptions in EU - report
The EU is the region that contains the highest
percentage of DSL subscribers, reports DSL Forum.

Berners-Lee: Intelligent Web requires co-operation
Creating a Semantic Web will need organisations to
think beyond their own industries, according to W3C
director Sir Tim Berners-Lee

us: Anita Brown, 63; Pushed Internet Use In Black
Anita Brown, 63, who in the late 1990s overcame her
fear of technology and became a major proponent of the
Internet in the black community, died Sept. 8 of
cardiac arrest at Washington Hospital Center. She
lived in the District.

uk: Royal Mail starts selling stamps via Internet
Royal Mail on Tuesday launched a new service allowing
customers to buy and print their postage online,
marking the latest innovation to a stamp-based postal
service which harks back to 1840 and the Penny Black.

nz: InternetNZ pushes for UK-style separation of
Telecom?s operations
InternetNZ is backing full operational separation of
Telecom in its submission on the Telecommunications

nz: More internet options coming for business
With so much seeming activity around broadband,
businesses may well be asking how they can benefit.
"We've already seen huge shifts in the market," says
Internet New Zealand president Colin Jackson.

nz: Belated go-ahead for urban broadband projects
The five urban Broadband Challenge applicants knocked
back by the government last month have all now been
approved for government funding ? but with cutbacks.

Mobile VoIP to outpace fixed VoIP by 2012 - study
By 2012, cellular VoIP services are forecast to
generate revenues of USD18.6 billion (EUR15.3 billion)
in the USA and USD7.3 billion (EUR.6.0 billion) in
Western Europe, compared with fixed VoIP revenues of
USD11.9 (EUR9.8 billion) in the USA and USD6.9 billion
(EUR5.7 billion) in Western Europe, according to a new
report, Forecasting the Commercial Impact of Wireless
VoIP in the USA and Western Europe, published by
Analysys, the global advisers on telecoms, IT and

au: Man, 65, charged after child porn raid
A SOUTH Australian man has been arrested for allegedly
downloading more than 500 images of child pornography
from the internet.

au: Child porn jailing
A MAN who admitted he deliberately searched the
Internet for paedophile porn sites has been sentenced
to 18 months' jail.

nz: Custodial Sentence for Child Pornography
In Rotorua Wayne Keith Fugill was convicted of
possessing child pornography and sentenced to six
months in prison - but with leave to apply for home


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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