[DNS] domain name & governance news - 25 September

[DNS] domain name & governance news - 25 September

From: David Goldstein <goldstein_david§yahoo.com.au>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 02:06:36 +1000 (EST)
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us: FTC Calls for Openness, Accessibility in Whois
Database System (news release)

us: Senators question .com price increases

Registrar criticizes .com contract (IDG)

us: Verisign defends Internet domain deal

Some CENTR members and ICANN work to improve Internet

Two New Sites Launched for Commentary Internet
Governance Forum by Jeremy Malcolm
Two new sites for commentary on the Internet
Governance Forum have launched ahead of its inaugural
meeting in Athens which is due to take place from 30
October to 2 November 2006.

us: FTC Calls for Openness, Accessibility in Whois
Database System (news release)
The Federal Trade Commission today told the U.S.
Senate that access to Whois databases ? the
directories that contain information about Web site
operators ? are "critical to the agency?s consumer
protection mission, to other law enforcement agencies
around the world, and to consumers.? In Commission
testimony before the Subcommittee on Trade, Tourism
and Economic Development of the Senate Committee on
Commerce, Science and Transportation, Commissioner Jon
Leibowitz said improvements should be made to the
current Whois database system and the databases should
be ?kept open, transparent, and accessible.?

us: Senators question .com price increases
A long-running dispute over the cost of domain names
and VeriSign's lucrative .com monopoly returned to
Capitol Hill on Wednesday, with several U.S. senators
questioning the current arrangement as uncompetitive.

Registrar criticizes .com contract (IDG)
A contract for VeriSign  to operate the .com domain
should include infrastructure build-out requirements
and make the company justify built-in prices
increases, a lawyer for the GoDaddy.com registrar said

'Off the record' Icann/VeriSign deal under fire
Domain registrar Go Daddy urged Senate lawmakers this
week to protect the integrity of the internet by
keeping it under control of Icann.

us: Verisign defends Internet domain deal
A deal allowing Verisign Inc., to retain control of
'.com' domain names was made behind closed doors by
the nonprofit group that polices the Internet, an
executive with GoDaddy.com Inc. said

ICANN Welcomes United States Department of Commerce's
Continued Support for Private Sector Leadership of
Domain System Coordination (news release)
ICANN today welcomed strong statements made by Mr.
John Kneuer, Acting Assistant Secretary for
Communications and Information, United States
Department of Commerce indicating support for private
sector leadership of the DNS.

Some CENTR members and ICANN work to improve Internet
Some CENTR members participating in the Internet
Infrastructure Improvement Account have today agreed
to donate to ICANN the sum of $190.000 to stimulate
improvements in the IANA services provided to the
global community.

nic.at and several members of CENTR support additional
services at ICANN (news release)
Ten European registries, nic.at among them, agreed
within the scope of CENTR to financially stimulate
improvements in services at ICANN regarding the
important function of IANA.

Internet Infrastructure Improvement Account (IIIA)
(news release)
Some CENTR members participating in the Internet
Infrastructure Improvement Account have today agreed
to donate to ICANN the sum of $190.000 to stimulate
improvements in the IANA services provided to the
global community. The ten Registries making the
donation operate the Top Level Domains ending in: .AC;
.AT; .BV; .DE; .GG ; .IR .LU; .NO ; .SI .SJ.

Solving a problem you didn't know you had: OpenDNS
I ran into OpenDNS CEO David Ulevitch at the Stirr
mixer a week ago, and he did a good job of pitching me
on his product, an alternative DNS service. His pitch:
The DNS your ISP uses -- the box (or collection of
boxes) that change domain names you type into the
actual numerical IP addresses of the Web and email
servers you're trying to reach -- is probably slow.
It's definitely not as safe as it could be. And it
doesn't do enough to help you find what you want when
you mistype a domain name.

au: On the prowl for easy prey
A number of unsolicited mass mail-outs not just here
but in New Zealand and elsewhere abroad have been
catching out unwary owners. 

hk: conference: ADNDRC Conference on Domain Name
Dispute Resolution - October 2006 
A conference in Hong Kong on domain name dispute
resolution in the Asia Pacific region

Azerbaijan?s all domain names to have .az
Following complaints that .az domains are too
expensive, Intrans has announced that from 1 October,
any Azerbaijani website with a .com, .net, and .org
domain will be able to register a .az domain free of
charge for one year, while keeping their existing
domain for this period.

az: 3,000 national domain names registered in
Azerbaijan Domain Registration held a workshop on
National Domain Names and Prospects of Internet. 3,000
domains have been registered in .az in the 13 years,
with more domains registered in neighbouring countries
in the region, but this is due to the "former
Communication and Information Technologies Ministry
didn?t allow the development of Internet in

.mobi set to spark domain name mania (sub req'd)
The demand for internet domain names specifically used
for mobile phones is expected to reach fever pitch
next week when registration is opened up to the
public. Nearly 13,000 trademarked websites have
already been registered by companies over the past
four months.

us: Pryor stands by .xxx domain name bill
Although conservative groups attacked the idea and
international regulators nixed it, Sen. Mark Pryor
said Wednesday he would continue his effort to create
an Internet designation specifically for pornography.

Response to Inaccurate .travel Wild Card Assessments
By Ronald N. Andruff
Bret Fausett's recent assessment of Tralliance's
".museum-like" wild card is just dead wrong. If
Tralliance is so focused on monetizing its search
results, why, then, would we not capitalize on the
cornerstone of our registry, directory.travel? The
fact is .travel is a sponsored space on the Net that
is designed to do one thing and one thing only: Serve
its constituency. For years the community has heard me
at the open forum microphone reminding the ICANN board
of directors that the industry was anxious to have its
own domain to enable it to improve business

ICANN Confirms: New gTLD Contracts Permit .tv style
GeorgeK writes "Vint Cerf/ICANN confirm my
interpretation of .biz/info/org proposed contracts --
tiered/differential domain pricing would not be
forbidden. I finally got the "official" word from Vint
Cerf of ICANN, "on the record", who confirmed that my
interpretation is correct, that differential/tiered
pricing on a domain-by-domain basis would not be
forbidden under the .biz/info/org proposed contracts.

ICANN Welcomes United States Department of Commerce's
Continued Support for Private Sector Leadership of
Domain System Coordination (news release)
ICANN today welcomed strong statements made by Mr John
Kneuer, Acting Assistant Secretary for Communications
and Information, United States Department of Commerce
indicating support for private sector leadership of
the DNS.

Go Daddy Fights for Accountability
Go Daddy announced it is urging Senate lawmakers to
protect the integrity of the Internet, keeping it
under control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers and promoting greater accountability
and transparency among leaders of the Internet's
governing body.

ICANN free in two years: Government oversight? What
government oversight!
Internet overseeing organisation ICANN will become an
autonomous body, free from any form of government
control, on 1 October 2008, if plans drawn up between
it and the US government go according to plan.

U.S. to extend oversight of ICANN (AP)
The U.S. Commerce Department said Wednesday it will
extend its oversight of the California-based
organization that handles the internet's domain name
policies, while finding ways to improve the group's
accountability and transparency.

U.S. Government To Keep Control Of Web Domain Group
ICANN (Reuters)
The existing three-year agreement, which ends on Sept.
30, had been intended to be the last, but now the
agreement will be extended between one and three

eu: EURid visited by Commissioner Viviane Reding and
EU Parliamentarians
Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane
Reding visited EURid on September 18. She was
accompanied by several Members of the European
Parliament. The purpose of the visit was to understand
the way the new domain name registration system ? that
so far has attracted more than two million users ?

us: Oprah For President Campaign Threatened
Fans of Oprah Winfrey hoping that she?ll run for
president have experienced the first hiccup in their
campaign. The talk show host is trying to put a stop
to a Web site, book and toll free phone number that
support the proposed 2008 Winfrey presidential bid.

Harrah?s files lawsuit over WSOP.com
Harrah?s Entertainment Inc has filed a lawsuit in an
effort to acquire the rights to the domain name
WSOP.com. It is the company?s contention that the
internet site should be transferred over to them from
its current owner, Federico Schiavio, because they
already own the trademark on the name ?World Series of
Poker? and have also applied for a patent on the
acronym ?WSOP?.

McBargain - The domain name FastFood.com to be offered
for sale (news release)
Sometime this fall, the very high profile, and
somewhat controversial domain name, FastFood.com will
be offered for sale to the highest bidder. Timed to
coincide with the release of the incendiary film ?Fast
Food Nation? by Fox Searchlight Pictures, the value of
the domain is expected to get as hot as a burger on a

Businesses need a suitable domain name
I have been noticing something rather strange lately.
If you happen to be in contact with local government
and semi-government departments, including the
military, and you are in the habit of picking up
business cards then take a look at the email address.

No BS Domain Names
They always say that when choosing a domain name use
keywords in it but I had to figure it out on my own
because no one actually will tell you how to do it.
After reading the tip about using keywords I came up
with the domain tipsonhowtosavemoney.com vet the truth
be told I had created a new keyword because unless
somebody actually entered tipsonhowtosavemoney as one
word in the search box they would not pull up my
domain. I at first thought that the search engines
would be able to see the words tips, save and money in
my url but that isn't the case. You have to separate
the keywords with hyphens.

us: CDT Cautions Against Dramatic Expansion of
Indecency Rules
CDT today urged the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) not to allow a small but vocal minority that is
offended by certain content to limit the ability of
adults to view material that is perfectly lawful and
worthwhile. In comments submitted Thursday, CDT
pointed out that the same types of voluntary parental
control tools that help to protect kids from
inappropriate material online are increasingly
available to parents in the broadcast context.

Google relents, publishes Belgian court ruling
Google on Saturday published on its Belgian Web site a
court order that forbids the Internet search engine to
reproduce snippets of Belgian press on its news
amalgamation service. 

Publishers aim for some control of search results
Global publishers, fearing that Web search engines
such as Google Inc. are encroaching on their ability
to generate revenue, plan to launch an automated
system for granting permission on how to use their

Bad news for Google in Belgium
A copyright dispute between Google and a group of
publishers in Belgium escalated Friday as the Internet
search engine defied a court order to publish an
earlier decision in the case on its Belgian Web sites.

Belgium Court Rejects Google Appeal
Google Inc. lost an appeal Friday of a Belgian court's
requirement that the Internet search company publish
on its home page the ruling in a recent case it lost.

uk: Cyber-crime cops have 200 'grooming' cases a month
UP TO 200 reports a month of paedophiles trying to
groom children on the internet are being investigated
by a new police cyber-crime unit.

Effort to Combat Child Pornography Would Close Web
As part of the battle against the spread of child
pornography on the Internet, an initiative has begun
allowing for the shutdown or blocking of sites
offering illicit images of minors, even in cases where
no criminal investigation is being conducted.

Porn site exploits IE security hole
A handful of Russian porn sites have become the first
to take advantage of a "critical" security hole in
Internet Explorer.

zw: Debt Throws Harare Off Cyberspace Radar
ZIMBABWE's telecommunications problems have worsened
as the country's internet service almost ground to a
halt after a major narrowing of the cyberspace
bandwidth due to nonpayment of arrears.

au: Broadband hits halfway mark
THERE are now almost 6 million active internet
subscribers in Australia, with more than half of them
using broadband services.

au: Switch of the flicks: movie kiosk joins race for
instant delivery
EACH time you visit the video store it has changed,
from old-style borrowing library to general
store-cum-DVD shop and phonecard shop. It is only a
matter of time, it seems, before it goes the way of
the Kodak film developing shop, the latest victim of
the march of the internet.

China's internet population soars
THE internet is becoming more and more popular in
China, where 123 million users were counted by the end
of June, second in the world only to the US.

Irish communications minister ups broadband target
Irish communications minister Noel Dempsey wants
500,000 broadband connections by 2H 2007

Spaniards embrace new internet technologies - study
New internet technologies, such as RSS feeds,
vodcasts, podcasts and music, VOIP (with or without
webcam) and weblogs are becoming increasingly popular
in Europe, particularly in Southern Europe.

ca: With 21 million Internet users, Canada is
most-wired nation
How has the Internet changed the lives of Canadians?
Findings from a recent national poll conducted by the
Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) show
that more then 85 per cent of respondents say that the
Internet has removed geographical or financial
boundaries in their daily lives and more than 55 per
cent are more interested in the world around them.

au: National network reaping benefits
When Melbourne surgeon Chris Kimber held a
post-operative conference with Hanoi-based Professor
Nguyen Thanh Liem recently, both could examine Mr
Kimber's infant patient and discuss progress and
treatment despite being thousands of kilometres apart.

Happy birthday, hard disk drive - and my, how you've
The hard disk is 50 years old this month. On 13
September 1956, IBM unveiled its IBM 305 Ramac
computer, whose major selling point was that it had
something called a 'disk drive': the 350 Disk File
unit. Up to then, data had been stored either on
magnetic drums or on tape, either of which made
accessing files a painfully slow process.

au: Costs could kill mobile TV
THE federal Government's plan to develop TV services
for mobile phones in Australia could fail if content
companies become too greedy or the cost of the
spectrum skyrockets, according to the company
trialling the service.

us: Lawmakers study changes in telecommunications law
In early 2007, Verizon plans to bust into the cable
industry for the first time in Pennsylvania offering
competition to Comcast over newly built fiber-optics
lines in the southeastern part of the state.

nz: NZ - a nation of wholesalers?
After a few months circling each other nervously,
Telecom and rival ISPs are sparring once more. The
cause of the angst: tomorrow's (official) announcement
by Telecom of Xtra broadband plans that its wholesale
customers fear may put them out of business.

nz: Telecom 'abusing position' with cut-price internet
Telecom's plan to sell broadband internet access to
its Xtra customers for less than it charges its
wholesale customers is a sign the telecommunications
company is continuing to abuse its dominant market
position, its competitors say.

nz: Split up Telecom and include NGN in regulation:
The New Zealand ISP association ISPANZ, which
comprises most providers except for Telecom's Xtra,
wants the new regulation to ensure retail parity as
well as consultation on the Next Generation Network

InternetNZ questions Telecom's retail tactics (news
InternetNZ (The Internet Society of New Zealand) is
concerned at the competitive implications in media
reports this week


Sources include Quicklinks <http://qlinks.net/> and
BNA Internet Law News <http://www.bna.com/ilaw/>.


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