[DNS] AuDA 2006 AGM

[DNS] AuDA 2006 AGM

From: Brendan Lewis <blewis§l2i.com.au>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 18:34:28 +1100
Just a reminder, this Thursday is the AuDA AGM in Sydney.  If you vote you
can affect .au policy.

If you want to vote by Proxy, the form is due by COB tomorrow (Tuesday).
The form can be found here :

Note I am a Demand Class Board Candidate, so all my comments are biased.


As a thought starter, I would recommend voting in the following manner.

1. Approve the minutes of the 2005 AGM - Yes

3. Accept the 2005-2006 audited accounts - No
- Although prepared in line with AAS, AASB and Corporations Law, the level
of disclosure meets the minimum standard should ne heavily discussed before
Questions I would be asking include:
- With over $4.9M of current assets, why would we be generating a calculated
interest rate of only approximately 4% on funds on hand?
- What is the future development commitment budgeted at $870,000 and why has
it been treated as a liability?
- Does the Directors and Key Management Personnel Expense of $390,981
include the $60,000 of Independent Directors Fees?
- What is the methodology for appointing the Accountants and why is the fee
so high (As an ex-Accountant I would say $75,000 is a very big fee for a
small turnover organisation like AuDA)?
- What does the line item Education and Media consist of at $732,308?
- Why are Directors Fees $60,000 and Directors Expense  a whopping $50,828?
- What is Geographic at $117,101?
- What is the methodology for appointing the Lawyers and why is the fee so
high $228,202?
- What are the Travel policies for the organization that see its travel bill
at $245,702 or almost 8% or Revenue?
- Where are the Advertising and Marketing Expenses Hidden?

4. Ratify independent directors? fee increase - No
The two independent Directors are currently receiving excessive remuneration
for the size of the organisation.  I know multiple public company directors
whom receive approx $30K Pa for organisations with revenues many multiples
that of AuDA and vastly more risk.  I would deem that increasing Independent
Fees by 60% without prior discussion on why, is grossly inappropriate.

5. Ratify elected directors? fees - No.
A fee of $750 is appropriate, however earning it for simply ringing in
during a meeting is not appropriate as it doesn't guarantee the level of
focus required.

7. Election of directors to auDA board

7a. Supply Class (3 directors) - Marty Drill,Amin Kroll, Peter Schilling.
See reason below.

7b. Demand Class (2 directors)   - Benny Browne, Brendan Lewis
Firstly I am not going to recommend voting against myself :)  Secondly I
think its time for a change rather than re-circulating the same faces.  The
DCITA review is highly likely to bring about changes due to the changing
nature of the relationship between Australian Commerce and the Internet
since AuDA was set up.  Its my opinion that a team that argues to maintain
the status quo is not a viable option.


Brendan Lewis
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